Bam Margera Fled Rehab For A Bar Again — Before Cutting Communication With His Parents

It appears that Bam Margera has relapsed once again, and this time he’s cutting himself off from loved ones.

If you remember, we reported back in June how the Jackass star fled his rehab facility, LifeSkills, on June 25 — reportedly his second time leaving “without permission,” to meet up with some friends at a sports bar in Pompano Beach. An individual who was out with him during the bender reported taking the 42-year-old to a hospital for treatment of his broken wrist, which he injured in an earlier skating incident. He later wound up at a strip club and eventually a friend’s house, where a heartbreaking video was taken of him losing consciousness.

Now, it seems he’s struggling to stay sober once again.

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In a video obtained by TMZ, you can clearly see Bam in a purple shirt exiting a bar with a mystery woman. The outlet reported he was at 57 Tavern in Sarasota until about 1:00 a.m. Monday, and he reportedly needed assistance walking out the door…

So sad. We’re rooting for Bam — we know he’s capable of sobriety since he’s already done it for a year before his initial relapse earlier this summer. You can see an Instagram upload from user Kyle Olree from the night (below):

Sources close to the Viva La Bam star told TMZ he left treatment on Sunday and had been informing friends and family he met a new lawyer in rehab who could allegedly help him get out of his court-ordered stay by leaving the state.

So… Going on the run??

The outlet’s sources then revealed he’s been staying at a family friend’s house in Florida and has cut all communication with his parents April and Phil Margera as of last week. He also hasn’t spoken to his estranged wife Nicole Boyd or son Phoenix Wolf Margera since he returned to rehab following his June bender.

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That’s a pretty LONG time… We reported at the time that Nicole was said to be dodging Bam’s calls and texts, and was not playing an active role in his recovery process following their sudden split, which may have ultimately contributed to the skateboarder’s flee from treatment. But at the end of the day, responsibility for Bam’s decisions can’t be put on anyone but Bam himself.

As for what will happen now, TMZ noted once the rehab facility reports the star as missing, police and an intervention team will search for him and attempt to return him to treatment — hopefully at his own will.

Such an incredibly sad situation for all involved. We hope Bam is able to dedicate himself to sobriety, though battling addiction is no easy feat. What are your thoughts on the latest happenings in his life? Let us know in the comments (below).

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