Balthazar Staff SLAM James Corden’s Excuse-Laden Apology: ‘That Is Bulls**t’!

The Balthazar staff are clapping back at James Corden’s public apology!

On Monday night, the comedian finally owned up to his mistakes and apologized for his “rude” behavior at Balthazar, a restaurant in New York City he was banned from for being “abusive” to staff. It sounds like he has a lot more sucking up to do though! The next day, a reporter for went to the popular restaurant to see how the servers were really feeling about The Late Late Show host’s apology. One server, who wished not to be named, slammed the celebrity on Tuesday, arguing:

“I’m sorry but that is bulls**t.”


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While trying to explain away the controversy on the CBS show, James revealed his wife, Julia Carey, has a “serious food allergy” and informed staff while ordering an egg yolk omelet. Unfortunately, the dish came back wrong three times causing him to get fed up and make a snide remark about being able to cook it better himself. But here’s the thing: Julia’s dish wasn’t even on the menu, so the server doesn’t think James should have been mad at all. Per the outlet, the high-end spot offers a $25 omelet with herbs and a $27 egg-white alternative. The upset worker shared:

“He wanted an omelet that had only egg yolks. Not the egg-white omelet, just egg yolks. Why then would you even bother ordering an omelet if you’re allergic to eggs?”

Fair point, but some doctors say it’s safe for a person with an egg allergy to eat cooked yolks since yolks contain less protein than egg whites and are therefore less allergenic. While Julia could have easily ordered a non-egg dish from the menu, the fact the restaurant agreed to make the omelet means they should have been able to prepare it satisfactorily. So, we get James’ frustration, but again, he should have been more polite about it!

For what it’s worth, the bottom of Balthazar’s menu does state that while “every effort will be made to accommodate food allergies” staff “cannot always guarantee” it will be possible.

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While much of the focus has been on the omelet — at least in James’ apology — the staff doesn’t think it can all be blamed on the meal. George, one of the barmen, said:

“We deal with that kind of behavior from people all the time. But he… he was very, very rude.”

When restaurant owner Keith McNally first banned James after two instances of poor behavior, he claimed the Peter Rabbit star was “extremely nasty to G,” which is possibly short for George, and seen “yelling like crazy” when his order was messed up. James didn’t admit to any such behavior, though. On Tuesday though, Keith hopped on Instagram to re-lift the ban on the comedian (and instead banned himself?), so we wonder how he’ll feel about some of his staff’s comments.

Funny enough, while the reporter was dining at the establishment, a female diner having brunch with her partner sent back her dish quietly. She’d ordered the egg-white omelet but received the normal omelet. So, it does seem like the restaurant has a tough time getting their egg dishes right! Just saying! George apologized and promptly switched them, insisting it was “entirely his fault.” The woman accepted the replacement and all was fine.

We doubt James will continue to talk about the drama now that he’s already discussed it on his show, but it sure doesn’t sound like he’ll be welcomed back with open arms! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know (below)!

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