Babies From Viral BBC Dad Interview Are ALL GROWN UP!

Y’all remember the BBC Dad?? This was way back in 2017, three years before everyone was doing interviews on the cameras from their home computers. Robert E. Kelly, a professor of political science at Pusan National University, was doing an interview from his home in South Korea when his babies GOT LOOSE!

Mom apparently blinked, and Kelly’s 4-year-old daughter Marion opened the door to his office, followed by his 9-month-old son James rolling along in his walker. The kids started playing like it was their office as Kelly attempted to continue his very serious discussion, sharing his expertise on the impeachment of South Korean president Park Geun-hye. It was already comedy gold, but when his panicked wife came in to try to wrangle the kids, crouching the whole time like she was less visible that way? Perfection.

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See the HIGHlarious vid all over again (below)!

Never gets old. But the babies in it did!

Yes, this seems like a pandemic situation, but it was all the way in 2017. In fact, Friday marked the six-year anniversary of the viral clip! SIX YEARS!!!

To celebrate, the “BBC Dad” posted some pics on Tuesday that he and his fam just took at Marion’s singing recital over the weekend. And the kids are SO GROWN UP! Marion is now 10 years old, and James is almost 5! So cute!

Can you believe how long it’s been? These were babies the last time we saw them! Still an adorable fam!

[Image via BBC/YouTube/Robert E. Kelly/Twitter.]

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