Awww… The Wanted’s Max George Says He Still Texts With The Late Tom Parker

Max George is doing his best to cope with the loss of his beloved bandmate.

Beloved The Wanted star Tom Parker passed away back in late March after a two-year-long battle with brain cancer. And as his bandmate and best friend, Max is still reeling from the loss — and doing his best to cope.

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In an interview with This Morning on Tuesday, George opened up about how he still communicates with the late rock star in his own way — by sending him text messages of fan photos and other things he thinks his late pal will like.

George admitted to the outlet that there are days where he unthinkingly texts the Glad You Came artist even now, several months after his death, saying:

“I’m still trying to process it, I still text him actually. If I get pictures or stuff that fans have made with him in it or they send a nice message to do with Tom, I’ll WhatsApp it to him. I just find a bit of comfort in that. The worst bit is when I’m not doing it and I do it accidentally. Sometimes I go to do it and I’m like, ‘Oh no.’”

So sad…

George appeared on the morning show to promote Parker’s posthumously-published book Hope, which aims to bring awareness to his specific form of brain cancer, known medically as glioblastoma.

With that, Max optimistically recalled how powerful it was for Parker to be so vocal, open, and honest about his medical condition near the end of his life:

“It was probably therapeutic for him on those days where he could just sit back and talk. To be honest I don’t know how he did that, because he was going through hell, but he was still out there talking to people that had glioblastoma… and how they could put a positive spin on it and that they still have life to live.”

Quite an impressive thing, especially considering some of the physical, emotional, and psychological challenges Parker and his family sustained during these difficult last two years.

Max also gave an update on tom’s widow Kelsey is doing through all this, saying:

“Kelsey’s been awesome. She’s always been really strong, like Tom. They were literally two peas in a pod. She’s raising awareness for glioblastoma and cancer in general, she’s been great. We talk quite often, just check in, make sure she’s alright.”

Awww! We guess he regularly texts both of them still.

You can watch the full interview (below):


[Image via This Morning/YouTube/Tom Parker/Instagram]

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