Are Jennifer Lopez & Leah Remini Feuding BECAUSE OF Ben Affleck?!

Is Ben Affleck driving a wedge between his wife, Jennifer Lopez, and her best friend, Leah Remini?!

It was surprising to learn J.Lo’s bestie had declined to attend her Georgia wedding over the weekend, but the reasoning at first made sense. The Talk co-host reportedly wanted to spend time with her daughter before she headed off to college, having missed out on some quality time with her while she was heavy into Scientology. Ben’s younger brother, Casey Affleck, also skipped the ceremony for a similar reason. While it was disappointing news, it seemed like Leah was just being a good parent…

Or was she??

According to Radar, Leah’s absence may have had nothing to do with her mommy-daughter time! It might be the start of the end for Jen and Leah! Uh-oh! A source spoke to the outlet on Tuesday to reveal the supposed truth about the King of Queens alum’s wedding snub — and it doesn’t sound so great for the longtime friends!

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Apparently, the women have “hit a rough patch” because they no longer see eye-to-eye on a very important subject: Ben! Yup, you read that right. Bennifer’s love life might be flourishing these days, but their rocky past is the very reason the 52-year-old is now pulling away from the bride! The insider dished:

“[Leah] isn’t a fan of Ben’s. They don’t get along and when you go up against someone’s partner, you always lose.”

Oof! So tough!

So, why exactly does Leah have it out for Ben? Well, she seemingly has a very good reason to be skeptical of this relationship:

“Leah was there for Jen when Ben broke her heart. Leah knows everything, all the ugly details about what went down between her best friend and Ben. No wonder she doesn’t like him. Jennifer might have been ready to move on and forgive Ben, but Leah hasn’t and is worried it will happen again.”

Oh, no!

All the tea J.Lo spilled in 2004 when she was heartbroken after calling off her OG engagement to the Batman star is now coming back to haunt her friendship! Leah’s probably been bitter towards the actor on her friend’s behalf for decades now — no wonder she’s not so eager to accept their second chance. But to think she won’t be around for Bennifer 2.0’s happily ever after because of all the hot gossip she was witness to back in the day is pretty sad! Unless there’s a real reason for concern? Hmm.

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Interestingly, though, it might not be her fault for pulling back. Leah may not trust Ben, but friends of the pop star claim the pair’s relationship has actually been fading because of Jennifer — not her husband! A mutual friend argued the Let’s Get Loud performer hasn’t had time for her friends lately, drawing a natural wedge between the Second Act co-stars. They explained:

“Jennifer is a newlywed and wants to be with her new husband, not her friends. All friendships change after you meet ‘the one.’ She has one of the biggest careers, she has kids and now she has a new husband too. Jennifer doesn’t have time to hang out with Leah anymore. Leah needs to get over it or she will lose her friend for good.”

Aw! Such a tough spot to be! From the sounds of it, Jennifer could probably do a better job of connecting, too — if she wants to save the friendship! Maybe once the craziness of her wedding season dies down, the 53-year-old will be able to make up for the lost time with her friend? Or maybe, this is the last of the duo as we know it?

What do U think, Perezcious readers?! Is there a major friendship fallout headed our way or are these ladies just in need of a quality girls’ night out to get back on the same page?! Let us know your guesses (below)!

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