Anne Heche’s Son Files Request For More ‘Authority’ Over Late Mom’s Estate!

Anne Heche’s eldest son is fighting for more power over her estate!

According to court documents obtained by People on Friday, Homer Laffoon asked the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles County to “expand the authority” over his late mother’s estate to gain more access to her property and other assets. In a petition filed by his lawyer Bryan L. Phipps on Thursday, the 20-year-old claimed he needs to remove items from her condo as soon as possible “to avoid additional fees and costs and, ultimately, potential loss” since the place is only paid through October. The legal doc also noted that Anne had several checks she never deposited that Homer needs to deposit before they become “voided.”

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Furthermore, the son argued in the filing that expanding his control over the estate would give him the ability to protest the Volcano star’s property “from damage, waster, and injury” and receive any claims and rents belonging to her. Homer also noted he could “manage, perform, and enforce the rights and interests of [Heche] and the Estate regarding the publication agreement and forthcoming book” by his mom called Call Me Anne, which is set to be released in January 2023. With the petition, Homer requested for a bond of $800,000 and access to Anne’s financial records.

As you may recall, he has been in a nasty dispute with the former Dancing With the Stars contestant’s ex-boyfriend James Tupper over control of the estate and title of guardian ad litem of her other son Atlas ever since she passed away in August. Previously, Homer claimed his mother only had $400,000 to her name at the time of her death, with her small fortune being made up of a “few modest bank accounts, tangible personal property of unknown value, royalty payments and other income.” She also did not own any property. So the two guys aren’t fighting over too much – but nevertheless, it has been a ruthless back-and-forth legal battle!

Most recently, a judge ruled in favor of Homer to be the guardian ad litem and noted the estate should be split equally between Homer and Atlas. He also said the 13-year-old should have access to the apartment, saying at the time:

“Get into the apartment, get his stuff as quickly as possible. You wanna walk around, that’s fine too.”

As for who will be the administrator of the estate? That matter has yet to be resolved — but Homer has some control over it for now. The two men are supposed to appear in court together for another hearing on November 30, 2022. Wonder if James will have something to say about Homer’s new legal move… Reactions to the latest in the ongoing feud over the estate? Let us know!

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