Anne Heche’s Oldest Son Fighting With Ex James Tupper Amid Estate’s Financial Surprises

Oh, no…

We’re sorry to say it sounds like Anne Heche’s family members are not at all at peace after her passing. On Wednesday, The Blast obtained a new court filing in which the Psycho star’s oldest son Homer Laffoon is requesting to be special administrator of her estate amid legal issues in need of immediate attention. If that wasn’t complicated enough, the document also alleged a major rift between Homer and his mom’s ex James Tupper — who parents his younger half-brother, Atlas Heche Tupper!

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According to the filing, there is an ongoing legal issue in relation to the fatal car crash that ultimately cost the actress her life in August. As we reported, Anne was speeding through a residential street in California when she crashed into a home, causing a massive fire. The LAPD later obtained a blood sample which revealed she was driving under the influence of drugs. Per Homer’s lawyer in the doc, the estate needs to defend itself against a claim made for damages from the fiery accident, stating:

“Due to a motor vehicle accident that occurred shortly before the death of (Heche), there are pending claims against her that require immediate attention. More specifically, I received correspondence from the law firm representing the subrogation claimant informing the representative of (Heche) that a destructive scene and evidence examination of the subject property would take place on September 16, 2022, and that this was the Estate’s opportunity to inspect the scene and remaining evidence, including any liability insurance carriers for her and expert investigators.”

The estate has been able to buy itself some time thanks to the lawyer, who added:

“On behalf of (Homer), I contacted the attorney handling the claim and was able to arrange for the examination to be postponed to give him adequate time to secure the appointment of a personal representative.”

It remains unclear if this inspection is just involving insurance or if someone is suing the actress’ estate for the damage. Either way, it’s a tough situation for the 20-year-old to be left taking control of!

Doesn’t exactly sound like the inheritance you’d hope from having a movie star parent, right?

Interestingly, there’s also a positive in getting control of the estate. Anne apparently signed a book deal before she passed away and the publisher and estate have plans to move forward with the publication, the document continued:

“Furthermore, I have been made aware that the Decedent entered into a publishing agreement prior to passing regarding a book she wrote.”

The doc furthered:

“And it is anticipated that the estate will need to monitor and coordinate the interests of the estate as the book is brought to market, including prior to the appointment of an administrator with general powers.”

Wow! We bet she had some interesting things to share in her book! And, not to be ghoulish, but after the shock of her passing it’s likely to be a big seller. It’s how these things go.

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Sadly, elsewhere in the filing, Homer, whom Anne shared with Coleman Laffoon, admitted to having issues with his half-brother’s father James Tupper, who is allegedly restricting the boys’ ability to contact each other in this difficult time and is attempting to manipulate Homer! The statement read:

“My client has informed me that James is using Atlas’ phone to pressure and attempt to manipulate him (Homer). James has also left voicemails in a similar tone. Homer is anxious to have a free flow of information with Atlas, but James’ style is not productive.”

Whoa. So upsetting to hear! Wonder why James would be so controlling?? Is he trying to fight for some of Anne’s assets? As we previously reported, the Six Days Seven Nights star passed away without a will — and some might see this as an opportunity for some free money.

Earlier this month, Homer began the process of becoming responsible for his mother’s estate by filing paperwork in Los Angeles Superior Court to be named administrator of her estate and be named “guardian ad litem” over his 13-year-old brother throughout the case, per RadarOnline. He is fighting to get the brothers listed as the sole heirs to their mother’s assets. A court hearing was scheduled for October 11 to handle the matter — but now it seems he’s trying to speed up the process with this new special administration request in light of the legal issues.

We’re sorry to hear there’s been so much drama going on behind the scenes between the family when they need each other the most! A judge has yet to make a ruling on the case, though Homer’s attorney hopes it will be an easy decision, saying in the new filing:

“Additionally, if you have objections to the petition for special administration, please let me know now so they can be addressed now. As you know, Homer is entitled to the appointment he is seeking. He meets all the legal requirements and I am not aware of any grounds for denying him that right.”

We’ll have to wait and see what happens… Thoughts?

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