Anne Heche Allegedly Photographed With Alcohol Bottle IN CAR Ahead Of Fiery Crash — Cops Investigate Possible DUI!!

More disturbing details have come to light after Anne Heche’s scary series of car crashes on Friday.

As we reported, the Volcano actress was driving her blue Mini Cooper near Mar Vista on Friday when she crashed into an apartment complex’s garage. In a video obtained by TMZ, an eyewitness appeared to try helping her out of the vehicle, but she ignored the assistance and instead chose to reverse out of the parking area (as seen below).

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Moments later, Anne struck another building — this time a home that burst into flames upon impact with her car (the damage of which can be seen in the inset above). Anne was sent to the hospital for severe burns. She is expected to survive.

Now, cops believe she may have been under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol during the incident. On Monday, Los Angeles Police Department sources told TMZ that authorities got a warrant to draw Anne’s blood because they believe she was intoxicated during Friday’s crash. The results are unknown at this time — and it could take weeks until the results are returned. In the meantime, the insiders noted the LAPD will refer the case to the LA City Attorney for possible hit-and-run charges.

As mentioned, the 53-year-old struck a garage before she took off and eventually hit a nearby home, resulting in a large blaze. She may have also hit other objects before coming to a stop. She was taken away from the scene on a stretcher, her clothes visibly charred. As of Saturday, she was said to be “in stable condition.” Her representative told People:

“Anne is currently in stable condition. Her family and friends ask for your thoughts and prayers and to respect her privacy during this difficult time.”

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Earlier in the week, Anne appeared intoxicated in an episode of her podcast, Better Together w/ Anne Heche and Heather Duffy, as she was drinking vodka and wine. According to her rep via TMZ, the episode was recorded on Monday and released on Thursday. It has since been deleted. Have a listen to a clip:

The outlet released another video of the performer speeding down a neighborhood in Venice on Friday — in the same car that would eventually be destroyed later in the day. The witness who captured the video noted it was her third time circling the same street, driving wildly each time. The second time she drove past the street, people were even screaming at her to slow down.

So concerning…

In more shocking news, the outlet obtained a new photo of the actress that was snapped just before the fiery wreck — and it appears to show she had a bottle of alcohol in her cup holder!

It’s unclear who took the photograph or exactly when it was captured, but it depicts Anne on the driver’s side of her car. The background looks similar to that of the garage she hit, but the location has not been confirmed. In her cup holder, a small clear bottle with a burgundy cap can be seen. Take a look:


If she was really under the influence and carting around a bottle of alcohol, we presume her possible legal battle is about to get even worse. Thank goodness nobody was harmed in either of these crashes! If police prove she was drunk or on drugs, we hope Anne gets the help she needs to ensure nothing like this ever happens again.

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