Andrew Tate Allegedly Slid Into DMs Of Underage Girls — Including A Romanian Politician’s Daughter!

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

This Andrew Tate scandal just keeps getting worse…

Up to and including his epic fail trying to insult Greta Thunberg, we only knew this guy as a gross internet misogynist who preached that women should be treated as property. But clearly he walked the walk as well as talking the talk — he apparently literally treated women as property as he’s been arrested on human trafficking charges.

Since his bust, a ton has come out about Tate, a lot of which was hiding right there in plain sight. We mean, his entire business model, which he apparently bragged about on his website, is exactly what he’s being accused of by the Romanian government! Luring women in by pretending to be their boyfriend, the so-called “loverboy method”… then turning them into imprisoned adult performers making him and his brother money!

But did he almost dip his toe into child pornography as well??

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It already felt gross when grown man Tate and his followers were making sexual remarks about Greta, a 19-year-old at the time. But it turns out he may have been messaging girls a LOT younger than that.

A young woman named Daria Gușă has come out with an accusation that Tate slid into her DMs when she was just 16 years old. And he would have known how young she was, too, as her IG bio included her high school! Daria, now 19, provided Buzzfeed News with an image of the message, which reads simply:

“Romanian girl

The strawberry emoji is said to denote both innocence and sexual interest, so take that as you will.

Unfortunately it’s no longer possible to prove the message came from Tate’s account as he was banned from Instagram. (And from Twitter, until pal Elon Musk let him back on.) But Daria is in a pretty tricky position to just lie about something like this. See, she’s actually the daughter of a Romanian politician; her father is Cozmin Gușă, a former member of Romanian Parliament!

It’s unclear if Tate picked her out because he saw her photo somewhere with her father. But based on her claims, it’s unlikely. See, she says he didn’t just message her but several of her classmates! They all got the same opening salvo — the strawberry emoji, reportedly Tate’s M.O. While she had the sense not to respond, she says some of her classmates did — and he would shower them with compliments, “telling them how beautiful they are.” He would also, she recalls, try quickly to set up dates with them, bragging about “what expensive restaurants he can take them to, what expensive cars he has, stuff like that”:

“After a couple of messages, he will start asking where they are and when he can come pick them up.”

The age of consent is only 16 in Romania, but if the plan wasn’t just to try to hook up but to traffic 16-year-olds, that would have been considered child porn, right?!

Thankfully none of the girls Daria knew took him up on the offers to meet — so of course he was a jerk about it:

“The second [that] girls stopped replying to him, he starts getting a bit verbally abusive, calling them ugly and stuff like that, just to get the reaction out of them and keep engaging with them.”

Daria admits none of her classmates will come forward with their own messages from Tate. But she explains not everyone has the kind of security she does through her family:

“I tried communicating with them since this started because it’s the biggest scandal in Romania right now. But my friends are just scared. They’re young girls. They don’t want to be involved in any way because there’s also the thing, what if they [Tate and the other three people detained with him] don’t get locked up? What if the authorities let them go in a month? And then they’re out and trying to get us because we came out with this thing?”

A scary thought.

Hopefully the human trafficking charges stick and there won’t be any need for more young women to come forward… But good on Daria! Here’s a clip of her speaking out!

[Image via Piers Morgan Uncensored/YouTube.]

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