Amanda Bynes’ Psychiatric Hold Has Been Extended

Amanda Bynes will continue to receive the care she needs.

As we’ve been reporting, the 36-year-old actress was found walking the streets around downtown Los Angeles with no clothes on earlier this week. She was taken to a hospital and admitted under a 5150 psychiatric hold. Although a 5150 hold usually lasts 72 hours, reports came out claiming that Amanda’s stay would most likely be extended while she receives care from the doctors. And it looks like that has officially happened.

According to TMZ on Sunday, sources with direct knowledge shared that the former child star officially will remain in the hospital for at least another week, as she is “seriously focusing on getting better.” An insider also told the outlet that Amanda has not been speaking to anyone close to her at this time, noting it is unknown if she even remembers the multiple days she spent roaming around Los Angeles.

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In case you didn’t know, more details came out about the She’s the Man star’s time before she was discovered and hospitalized this week. Sources previously told TMZ that Amanda was most likely “living on the streets for several days.” Four days before she was found, her vehicle allegedly had been towed in Long Beach, California on March 15. The car was about 40 miles from her home, and 15 miles from where she was discovered in downtown El Lay. Amanda somehow was hitchhiking or taking public transport to travel north of the city. And at one point, she was spotted by a TikTok creator on St. Patrick’s Day walking alone in Hollywood.

Eventually, the former Nickelodeon star was taken to Beverly Hills and came back to Hollywood. An insider claimed to Entertainment Tonight that Amanda asked a woman “to be dropped off at her friend’s place in Beverly Hills,” but no one answered at the home. She then claimed to the woman “her boyfriend kicked her out,” adding:

“Amanda then asked to be dropped back off on Hollywood Blvd., and the woman obliged.”

However, her ex-fiancé Paul Michael confirmed they have not been together for a while, and they haven’t lived together since January. So this “boyfriend” is possibly someone else.

Nevertheless, this is so heartbreaking. TMZ reported on Sunday that things are day by day right now, and her hospitalization could be extended up to 30 days. But there are no plans for when Amanda is eventually released. We continue to send our well-wishes to Amanda.

[Image via Amanda Bynes/Instagram]

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