Adam Levine Is Getting Roasted On Twitter — Not For Cheating But For His TERRIBLE SEXTING

Do we know for sure whether Adam Levine technically cheated on Behati Prinsloo? As in, a physical affair? No. Not yet, anyway.

The only thing he’s admitted to is messaging women other than his wife, but that alone will follow him the rest of his career. Not just because it’s wholly inappropriate for a 40+ married man to be flirting with 21-year-old Instagram models. The other big issue for a lot of folks? How BAD all the flirting is!

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Twitter is getting downright savage poking fun at the singer’s “cringe” sexting — to the point they’re now questioning whether he was actually capable of writing all those Maroon 5 songs in the first place!

In addition to claiming she had a yearlong affair with himSumner Stroh shared some of the DMs he’d sent her — and other women followed suit. Among the miscalculated missives were gems like:

“That body of yours is absurd”


“I may need to see the booty”


“Watching your ass jiggle on that table will permanently scar me… F**kkkkkk I’d do anything for it”

The internet just can’t get enough of these! See some of the harshest judgments on People’s Sexiest Man Alive‘s complete lack of chill (below):

“the most embarrassing thing about adam levine cheating, even more than the cheating, is the insanely cringe flirting”

“The part in the Adam Levine DM’s where he said she’s so hot he wanna tattoo his own ass. Mans was so down bad like what is that??”

“Adam Levine dms like a bar owner in his mid 40s going through a mid life crisis hitting on an underage girl”

“Adam Levine: Your boobies are so f**king hot. I wanna french kiss you sooooo bad ughhh. Are bears a type of dog? They straight up look like dogs sort of”

“Seeing the way Adam Levine sends thirsty texts, I’m convinced he doesn’t write ANY of his own songs. There’s no way a man who sends ‘I may need to see that booty’ also wrote ‘it’s not always rainbows and butterflies, it’s compromise that moves us along’”

“Adam Levine’s sexual DMs are the Maroon 5 of sexual DMs, if that makes sense”

“tbh adam Levine messages are sexy to me. I love love love when a man has like humna humna humna boinggGgG awooga energy”

And the memes! OMG, the memes

Even official accounts jumped in:

Of course, he had his defenders. One person wrote:

“I don’t like Adam Levine but let’s be clear: there is no way to sext without sounding cringe. Lets not kid ourselves. It’s unavoidable. Read back your sexts the next day and tell me with a straight face that you nailed it 100%”

Ha! Fair enough we guess. Remember, the current KING OF ENGLAND once told his future wife, back when she was the other woman, that he wished to magically transform himself into her tampon. So it could be worse…

[Image via Conan/YouTube/Sumner Stroh/Maryka/Ashley Russell/Instagram.]

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