Actress Who Went Missing After First Date Found 4 Days Later — In Jail!

Some missing persons cases end with a heartwarming reunion. Others end tragically. Then there’s cases like this…

Last week, Laura McCulloch (above) seemingly disappeared after going on a first date with a man she met on a dating app. The Australian actress told her family about the date and even sent them a pic of her outfit before leaving for Japanese chain-restaurant Gyu-Kaku in El Lay on August 12.

When the 37-year-old didn’t show up to work, yoga class, or her other planned meetings over the next few days, her family naturally feared the worst and alerted authorities. The search made headlines and even sparked an online manhunt for the performer.

Well, the search is officially over, because it’s been reported by that McCulloch has spent the past 4 days behind bars after what sounds like a very messy situation at the restaurant the night of her date!

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Santa Monica police confirmed to the outlet the actress was cuffed on Friday after allegedly throwing a drink at another customer and resisting cops — going as far as to bite one on the shoulder?! Wow.

She’s being held on a felony charge with a $25,000 bond.

It’s unclear whether McCulloch was stood up or endured a first date from hell. Here’s what we do know though: officers were called to reports of the woman tossing a drink at a fellow patron and their 2-year-old child. When cops arrived, she was reportedly showing “obvious signs of intoxication” while shouting at the officers and “charging” at them.

The Santa Monica Police Department said in a statement:

“On Friday, August 12, 2022 at approximately 8:30pm Santa Monica Police Department Officers were dispatched to the 200 block of Arizona for what was reported as a battery. According the reporting party, a female, later identified as Laura McCulloch, threw a drink at a restaurant patron and their 2-year-old child. Upon arrival, officers contacted Ms. McCulloch who showed obvious signs of intoxication. While conducting the investigation, McCulloch charged the at the officers while yelling expletives. Despite efforts to calm her, McCulloch continued to display aggressive behaviors. During efforts to detain her, she became physically combative, kicked at officers and bit one officer on the shoulder… [She] was arrested, transported to the Santa Monica Jail and booked for public intoxication and resisting arrest.”

Again, it’s unclear what prompted the alleged outburst. However, a staff member at the restaurant told the DM the incident went down outside of the venue, noting that no one inside alerted the police.

The actress’ family has since updated followers on social media saying they’re just happy she was found safe and sound. We second that!

[Image via Santa Monica Police Dept.]

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