Aaron Carter’s Family Believes Overdose Caused Singer’s Death As They Seek Answers About Alleged Drug Deal

Aaron Carter‘s family is adamant in their belief that he did not drown when he was found dead in his bathtub in November of last year. And now, they believe they may have the evidence to prove it.

The Aaron’s Party singer tragically died at his Lancaster, California home back on November 5, 2022. As we reported, he was found deceased in the bathroom. He was just a few weeks shy of his 35th birthday at the time, as his death sent a shockwave through family members, friends, loved ones, and fans.

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Ever since, new information has been coming out about the circumstances of the pop singer’s passing. As we’ve been reporting, law enforcement officers and first responders who rushed to the scene found cans of compressed air in the room near Aaron’s body. Toxicology results still haven’t officially come back regarding Aaron’s death, but according to new information published by TMZ on Tuesday, the singer’s family is confident that a drug overdose — and not drowning — was the culprit.

Aaron’s fiancée Melanie Martin and his mother Jane Carter relayed to the outlet some new information via the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office. The coroner investigating Aaron’s death told his grieving family there was “no water” found in Aaron’s lungs, per the report. That would seem to rule out drowning as the potential cause of death.

The coroner continues to wait on toxicology results from Carter’s remains to confirm what happened. Still, with drowning apparently off the table as a reason for the tragedy, Aaron’s loved ones are focused on drugs. And there’s a point to all this, too. Per the news org, Aaron’s family wants to know what was in his system on the night of his death because they’re hoping law enforcement will look deeper into the hours leading up to it.

Specifically, TMZ reports Melanie and Jane want cops to “investigate an alleged drug deal” that took place on the night Aaron died. They hope an investigation could lead to answers about what happened to the That’s How I Beat Shaq performer.

Reportedly, Melanie revealed new text messages between Aaron and an “unidentified person.” In those texts, Melanie claimed to the outlet, the person told Aaron he owed $800 for an “unknown substance.” The singer replied he “didn’t need” the substance anymore, but the unidentified person responded that Aaron still owed the money for it.

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Now, Melanie is hoping police action could go after this other person allegedly involved. She wants cops to learn what the substance may have been. TMZ reports the grieving fiancée even met with Los Angeles-area investigators last week and “submitted the [text] exchange for evidence.” Melanie told the outlet she is worried that unknown substance is the thing that “could have ultimately killed” her fiancé.

As we’ve previously reported, forensic investigators have been waiting for a while on Aaron’s toxicology report. His remains were cremated not long after his passing. In the meantime, his loved ones have tried their best to mourn his loss.

From the coroner’s perspective, the case is still open while waiting on forensic indicators. It sounds like Carter’s loved ones also continue to be determined in their search for answers, too.

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