2 Dads Picking Up Daughter From School Realize It’s The SAME GIRL! WTF Is Going On?!

What’s going on in this school in Georgia?! A question we’d all like to know the answer to…

TikTok user sheena_20200 posted to her page earlier this month a series of videos that’s got us all scratching our heads. She starts out her video by saying she’s got a story she wants to share from something that took place where she works — in the front office of a school. She says two men came to the front office to pick up the same little girl:

“And so, they both look at each other, and the dad was like, ‘Why are you checking my child out? Who are you?’ And he was like, ‘Who are you? What do you mean? I’m her dad.’”


The TikToker goes on to say both of the men had been listed as an emergency contact for the child and their IDs had been verified by the school system — so technically they both have the right to bring the girl home with them. But the question which was quickly becoming an elephant in the room — who is the real father?

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The principal of the school ordered the secretary to call the mother of the girl to get to the bottom of the mystery — but things only got more complicated as the mom began “screaming and crying” on the phone. Uh oh…

The TikTok user continued in her story, saying things only got messier when the mother of the little girl arrived:

“When she got to the school, you know, one of the daddies ran in the parking lot to her. Like, ‘What’s going on? What’s going on? Why you didn’t tell me?’ So, we ran out in the parking lot with them. You all how about he hit her. He hit the mama.”

Just awful! No matter how emotional you are, it’s never an excuse to hit anyone. So, so sad.

The woman then goes on to say the mom had been telling both of the men they were the father of the little girl in question. And before the day was over, the police had gotten involved:

“Nobody ever knew anything…. This was crazy. But, at the end of the day, the police [were] there. One of the daddies got locked up. You know, mama went to the EMS.”

Luckily, the grandmother of the child came to pick her up during all the chaos:

“Grandma had to come get the child, because nobody could get the child at that point. But, it was a mess…. It was a mess.”

You can see the video for yourself (below):


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So messy and heartbreaking. Our hearts go out to the little girl in this situation, no child deserves to see any of this drama between their parents. We hope she’s doing okay and everything gets sorted out very soon.

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