14-Year-Old Boy Arrested For Murder Of His 10-Year-Old Stepsister

The unthinkable has struck a Michigan family.

Early Tuesday morning a young girl’s stepfather reached out to her biological father to see if she was with him. When he learned she wasn’t, panic began to set in for both men.

Na’Mylah J. Turner-Moore was then reported missing at approximately 6:15 a.m. on Tuesday by her stepfather, and local authorities quickly began a search in the greater Saginaw area, where the family resides.

Tragically, only a few hours later the 10-year-old was found on an abandoned lot not far from the home, where she was pronounced dead at the scene, according to Michigan State Police officer Kim Vetter. It was later confirmed the suspect responsible for Na’Mylah’s murder was none other than her 14-year-old stepbrother, Jameion Peterson.

We just don’t know what to say…

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Jameion appeared in court Wednesday where he was arraigned on one count of open murder and denied bail by Saginaw County District Judge Elian E. H. Fichtner, according to Michigan Live. The report further noted the boy will be tried as an adult, in accordance with Michigan state law.

What an absolutely horrible situation.

A final cause of death is being awaited by the young girl’s autopsy, but prosecutors say there doesn’t appear to be evidence (as of now) of a deadly weapon or sexual assault. Thank goodness for that at least. For a moment we were flashing back to the Lily Peters case…

Prosecutors also say there doesn’t seem to be any misconduct on the father and stepfather’s part. The mother was reportedly not home during the time of the incident. Police Chief Robert M. Ruth, who first arrived to the scene with additional officers, reflected:

“This is a very, very sad situation.”

He then went on to reinforce the procedure that was following by law enforcement:

“They did what they were supposed to do, the way they were trained to deal with situations like this. They spoke with the parents of the child who was missing at that point in time and then found the child. From that point on, our investigators and Michigan State Police investigators did a great job.”

Jameion is scheduled to appear before courts for a preliminary examination September 21.

The mother, Melonzine Turner, later spoke to Michigan Live following the two stomach surgeries she had undergone just prior to her girl going missing. She explained:

“As soon as I made it to the scene is when they found her.”

She continued:

“My baby was everything. She was jolly, smiley-faced. She had personality. She had so many friends. Everybody wanted to be around her. She just was lovable.”

The grieving mother explained her eldest daughter played an active role in care taking, especially for the twin daughters Melonzine welcomed in April of this year. She said the girl “just wanted to love on her sisters and brothers because she knew she was the oldest.” Adding:

“She always told me, ‘Momma, I’m gonna take care of you. I’m gonna be a doctor.’ She was more mature than her age.”

Melonzine then confessed how hurt she is by the news of her stepson being accused of her daughter’s murder, noting:

“I treated that boy like he was my own. I put clothes on his back. He was like another child of mine. I would have never thought he would have done nothing like this. But then again, you can’t put nothing past nobody and you can’t judge a book by its cover.”

What a betrayal… The mother added her and Na’Mylah’s stepfather are no longer together romantically: 

“The only reason she went back (to Peterson’s house) that night is because she had school the next day and the bus picked them up from there every morning.”

SO sad.

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In a GoFundMe created by Na’Mylah’s uncle to help cover funeral costs, he explained:

“Na’Mylah was a bright 10yr. Old who went missing August 30, 2022 and was found a couple hrs later murdered and left in a field. My family is completely devastated and broken.”

The murder came almost 30 years to the DAY of a September 18, 1992 case in which 8-year-old Shamonica M. Brown was found dead in the very same location Na’Mylah was, near 12th and Annesley Streets.

No words other than devastating. Sending love to the young girl’s family. Rest in peace, little angel.

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