11-Year-Old Murder Victim Reveals Shocking Identity Of His Killer In Last Breath

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

An 11-year-old boy from Hobbs was stabbed to death over the weekend — and chillingly revealed his murderer in his last moments of life…

Bruce Johnson Sr. reportedly moved to New Mexico from Oklahoma with his son, Bruce “Buddy” Johnson Jr., to get away from the child’s mother. He was planning to file for divorce from his wife, Mary Johnson, because she was allegedly violent with their son and regularly abused him. The mother was away from her son for 40 days and, Bruce told police, she was “begging to see” her Buddy.

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The father agreed to let his estranged wife stay with them to spend time with the boy before the divorce was officially filed. This choice would prove to be an unimaginably disastrous one, however.

Around 1 a.m. on July 10 Lea County Sheriff’s Office received a distressed 911 call. Johnson claimed that he had woken up in the early morning hours to the sound of his son screaming and rushed to check on him. What he found was truly a nightmare…

According to an arrest warrant posted on LCSD’s Facebook page, the father found his son and wife “suffering from stab wounds”:

“He found his son in his room, lying on the bed suffering from stab wounds. He went to call 911 when he discovered Mary was also stabbed, but she was unconscious in another room.”

How sad that he discovered his family in such a horrific state…

When EMS arrived, the mother and son were rushed to Covenant Hobbs Hospital. Mary would be stabilized sometime later and transported to a different hospital in Lubbock, Texas. Bruce Jr., however, was unconscious upon arrival to the hospital but was stabilized long enough to speak to investigators. What he said sent a chill down their spines…

He told police that his OWN MOTHER was the one that stabbed him. Yes, the woman that was also found stabbed in another room of the home.

Unfortunately he passed only a short time after his testimony at 4:19 a.m. An autopsy later revealed that he had been stabbed several times. That poor child. He was only 11 years old.

In another shocking discovery, it was determined that Mary’s stab wounds were self-inflicted. According to police, she stabbed her son to death, then went into a different room and stabbed herself in the chest, presumably in an attempted suicide. Just awful…

According to locals, this disgusting attack didn’t seem to come as much of a surprise. One Facebook user who claims to live nearby the family alleges the mother was “a harm to others and herself” and made that clear with her social media posts:

“I know many many people here in town tried to get this little boy help. I don’t understand how anyone could overlook all the stuff she said on FB. It was clear that she was a harm to others and herself!”

First-degree murder charges have been filed against Mary, she survived her self-inflicted injuries and is still recovering in the hospital.

Our hearts go out to Buddy’s family and loved ones amid this tragedy. May he rest in peace.

[Image via YouTube/KRQE/Lea County Sheriff’s Office]

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