10-Year-Old Boy CHOKES Grandmother To Death As Another Kid Films And Laughs

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

A 10-year-old boy (not pictured above) from the Chinese province of Heilongjiang, Malaysia was filmed by another child (not pictured above) as he choked his abusive grandmother to death.

It’s unclear exactly when this occurred, but the video, which has recently gone viral on social media in China, shows the entire horrific event go down. An elder woman sitting on a bed, assumed to be the boy’s grandmother, strikes him a few times as a punishment. The little boy was enraged by the beating and began yelling at the woman. He punches her in the chest before putting her in a chokehold and wrestling her to the ground.

According to International Business Times, the translation from Chinese to English of what the young child is screaming is:

“Let you hit me, let you hit me!”

The elder woman appears to be too frail to breakaway from her grandson’s grip, but still attempts to fight back. She even grabs a shoe and tries to hit the boy with it to no avail. All the while the cameraman, who is assumed to be another child, is laughing. The whole situation is terrifying, there’s so much violence going on in this family in just this one clip…

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The child holding the camera doesn’t intervene right away, but does encourage the 10-year-old to let his grandmother go:

“Don’t fight, get up, quickly.”

The boy doesn’t listen, though. Fueled by such strong emotion, he doesn’t seem to even care when a younger woman — who is presumed to be his mother — walks in the door. She can be heard saying:

“Don’t crush your grandma to death!”

The child still doesn’t listen, though, and gut-wrenchingly shouts about the abuse he’s faced at the hands of his family:

“You beat me every time, saying I’m unreasonable, beat me, who is unreasonable?!”

So sad. This poor child apparently dealt with so much he just snapped…

He continued to choke his grandmother for an entire two minutes before the cameraman realized something was wrong and went up to stop the 10-year-old. The child filming pleads with the boy to let his grandmother go, now seeing she is completely limp:

“You let go, she won’t hit you anymore. She promises not to hit you anymore, she really won’t hit you anymore, just let go.”

The boy’s mother gets angry at this point, and begins to strike the child with something resembling a stick or whip. She shouts, telling the boy he’s killed his family member:

“Your grandma is dead! Your grandma is dead!”

The little boy finally lets go, but it’s too late, the elder woman has died presumably due being choked by her grandson. The video ends with the boy being beaten by his mother for the murder.

Absolutely stomach-churning…

The video was reportedly first seen on Chinese app Weibo according to Mirror Media before being passed around in groups hosted by the messaging app Telegram. It was posted to Twitter by someone who received it in one of these groups. You can find the video here, but be warned it is EXTREMELY graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.

Oriental Media reports the child was encouraged by his friends to retaliate against the abuse — since then he and three of his friends have been arrested. As of writing this, there are no further updates as to what type of repercussions the children face. It’s also unclear if the person who was filming was one of the boy’s friends who were also taken into custody.

So tragic. We will be sure to keep you updated on this case as more details arise.

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