Hialeah could add Trump to street names despite lawsuits and indictments

It’s a done deal. The Hialeah City Council will consider a street naming Tuesday, but it’s all but on the map. That’s because the street that is to be named is to be named for former president Donald Trump, who is defending himself against 91 criminal charges spread across four states and federal indictments.

He is currently standing civil trial in New York in a $250 million fraud lawsuit filed by the attorney general.

The street sign has to be a done deal because Mayor Stevie Bovo fell all over himself when he handed Trump a mock street sign at the latter’s rally in Hialeah last week during the Republican presidential debate that the former president skipped, again. You wouldn’t just tease Trump like that. Well, some would. Bovo wouldn’t.

His proposal is to rename or codesignate Palm Avenue. So, yeah, City Hall’s address would be on Donald Trump Avenue.

The city council is also expected to elect its president and vice president for the next two years. The meeting begins at 7 p.m. at City Hall, 501 Palm Avenue (or 501 Donald Trump Avenue soon).

It doesn’t matter that the historic preservation board unanimously voted against naming a street after Trump. “With a strong no. Based on criteria, eligibility and other factors,” said Ferny Copiel, chairman of that board.

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“The mayor has decided to bypass it and at the rally he presented Trump with a mock sign letting him know that it would be headed to council. This adds extra pressure to the council members because of the added public scrutiny this provides and if it fails then the wrath of Trump is on them for future elections,” Copiel said.

Even if Hialeah is the Trumpiest city in the U.S., and Bovo is the Trumpiest mayor this move is, at the very least, premature. Couldn’t we wait until after at least the current trial is over?

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This is particularly gratuitous because Bovo recently denied a street naming application to even go to the historic board to name a street after the city’s first Hispanic council member, Andres Mejides. Bovo says it was because Mejides had been arrested on a federal indictment with co-conspirator, then Mayor Raul Martinez, for allegedly taking payoffs from developers. Charges were eventually dropped, however. Which is more than you can say for the former POTUS.

Talk about a double standard. Could it be because Mejides was a Democrat?