Miami commissioner campaigns vs (threatens) public corruption prosecutor

Looks like former Miami Commissioner Alex Diaz de la Portillasuspended by the governor after his September arrest on public corruption charges like money laundering and bribery — knows he’s not going to win re-election in District 1. That’s why he’s wasting money on a campaign against the Broward State Attorney who is prosecuting his case.

“This is the shameless liar who attacks and defames our Commissioner Alex Diaz de la Portilla,” read the mail pieces that arrived this week in Broward voters’ mailboxes with a photo of “the leftist” Broward State Attorney Harold Pryor Jr., who, by the way, was given this case by the Republican governor after Miam-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle recused herself.

The Spanish-language piece is paid for by Diaz de la Portilla’s political action committee, Proven Leadership for Miami-Dade County. It has no real value to his reelection. Broward voters cannot vote in the Miami election. Even the Hispanic voters.

So the only value is personal gratification in a very frustrating time.

Unless he is trying to actually threaten Pryor ala “keep prosecuting me and you will have a hard re-election.” This is ADLP. He used to have a movie poster of The Godfather hanging in his dining room.

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And he has the money to burn — about $650,000 left in the bank as of the last report through the end of September. The most recent contributions include $100,000 from Truth is the Daughter of Time, the PAC managed by former Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff — who only reported a single $175,000 contribution from a billboard company in the last quarter — and $60,000 from Billy and Barbara Hardemon, the lobbyist aunt and uncle of Miami-Dade Commissioner Keon Hardemon.

Even though he seems to have hit a freeze in contributions after he was arrested Sept. 14 on charges that include abusing his political action committee and violating campaign finance laws — in fact, the only transactions after the arrest are two donations he had to return — he has saved money by running a four-year old ad on TV and weaponizing his mom for a creepy radio piece narrated by a surrogate.