You Won’t Hear Mindy Kaling & Bill Hader In Inside Out 2 — Because They Were Offered Only 2% Of Amy Poehler’s Salary!

The first trailer for Inside Out 2 dropped Thursday morning, introducing fans to Anxiety, played by franchise newcomer Maya Hawke. But there were a couple familiar voices you may have noticed weren’t there.

Mindy Kaling as Disgust and Bill Hader as Fear? Gone! Out of sight, out of Riley’s mind. Mindy actually confirmed this months ago, telling The Wrap in January:

“I had a great time working on Inside Out and am sure Inside Out 2 will be great. But I’m not working on it.”

Why did they leave? It’s not a nice story. According to Puck News, the offer Disney/Pixar gave them to return was a shocking lowball — especially when compared with what they gave Amy Poehler to return as Joy.

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Puck claims to have heard the rest of the cast was offered 2% of the $5 million payday the Mean Girls alum enjoyed:

“Star Amy Poehler is making $5 million (plus additional fees and bonuses), but Disney originally offered the other main voice cast just $100,000 (with no bonuses) to return, an insult that was politely declined.”

WHOA! An “insult” is right! Did they really deem these beloved, in-demand actors were worth 50 times less than Amy?! WTF?!

We know the “stars” of movies make a lot more, it makes sense, their names sell the movie, but is Amy really that much bigger a star? And a character? 50 TIMES bigger?? It’s such a huge difference, it reminds us of when we learned Mark Wahlberg made 1,000 times what Michelle Williams got for All The Money In The World reshoots.

Puck says Disney upped their offer after the original pass, but it was still a NO. Can’t blame them. When someone shows how much they don’t value your work, you have to take a stand. Damn.

For the sequel, Tony Hale is playing Fear, with Liza Lapira stepping in as Disgust. Phyllis Smith and Lewis Black are returning as Sadness and Anger — it’s unclear if they accepted the $100k or got a second offer and agreed to it.

If this leaves as bad a taste in your mouth as pizza with broccoli, we don’t blame you. Anyway, here’s the first trailer…

[Image via Pixar/YouTube/MEGA/WENN.]

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