WWE’s Kayla Braxton Reveals She’s A ‘Product Of Rape’ — And Why She STILL Supports Roe V. Wade

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

WWE anchor Kayla Braxton is revealing to the world just how the Supreme Court‘s ruling to roll back Roe v. Wade will affect the lives of women like her — and her mother.

Like many other women across America, the 31-year-old pro wrestling public figure took to Twitter over the weekend to share her displeasure with the shocking ruling that came down late last week. But for Kayla, she followed it with the surprising and heart-wrenching story of her own conception, too.

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It started on Saturday morning, when Kayla logged on to the app to re-post a pro-abortion rights message that has been making the rounds across social media over the last few days. Along with the screenshot, which shared the importance of choice for women facing various difficult pregnancy situations, Kayla wrote:

“Just want to leave this here for the ignorant and arrogant people who have chosen to remain uneducated about what this means for we women who bear this burden.I did not write this, but it encompasses the reality. I would also add — im [sic] pro- a woman doing what’s best for HER.”


Well said. That’s all there is to it!!

It isn’t just a hypothetical situation for Kayla, though. In a follow-up later on Saturday morning, she revealed that she’s only here because her mother was raped and still chose to have her child. While right-wingers might assume that means Kayla should be pro-life, she’s not. In fact, the on-air host explained how that experience specifically made her pro-choice — trusting that women know best what they want for themselves.

She wrote:

“I’ll also add — I am a product of rape. My mother was raped by a stranger — to this day, neither of us have any clue who my birth dad is. She chose to have me — clearly — but she did so because she CHOSE to. Not because a law told her she HAD to. It should always be our choice.”

Wow. Get it yet, Republicans?? Here’s her full, powerful tweet:

Like too many women, Kayla — and especially her mother — have had to make choices based on terrible events in their lives. Key word being CHOICES.

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Amazingly, the broadcaster received hateful messages even after sharing her shocking, powerful story. In another follow-up tweet later in the day on Saturday, she cautioned those who had speculated on her mother’s story:


Thankfully, plenty of people rightly supported Braxton following her emotional reveal, too. Here are just a few of the thousands of positive reactions (below):

“we are all glad to have you and I’m so sorry your mom went through that, but the bravery it took her to fight through it all and choose to have you, strength and bravery clearly runs in your family Kayla. We love you.”

“Kayla, your mother, and countless other women everywhere, are so strong and brave and amazing. Choice should always be yours”

“You are so strong Kayla. I had no idea about this. Sending love”

“Your mom had an amazing daughter in spite of your traumatic conception. As a rape survivor, myself, I feel your passion on this issue of being pro choice.”

“So sorry she had to go through that and I know you didn’t have it easy growing up. I know this app is full of hate and ignorance but there are way more people inspired by your strength.”

“I’m so sorry! This took strength to discuss publicly.”

“My mom was 16 when she got pregnant. I’m here and I have a great family and kids of mine who are leaving for the Air Force in the fall. I’m thankful but I still believe it’s up to a woman to make those decisions for herself.”

It’s a very sensitive topic, but we love to see the solidarity and support among people on the right side of history. In that sense, something good and powerful definitely came out of Kayla’s vulnerable revelation.

Sending love!!

[Image via Kayla Braxton/Instagram]

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