WHAT?! Real World’s Julie Stoffer Gets The Green Light From Her Husband To Do ‘ANYTHING’ She Wants With Roomie & Former Lover Jamie Murray!

Well, things just got interesting over on the Real World Homecoming: New Orleans

During the latest episode of the reality series, Julie Stoffer revealed that her husband, Spencer Rogers, gave her permission to start something up with her Real World roommate Jamie Murray (pictured above, left insert)! Yeah, we are not joking here, he actually did!

In case you missed it, this all started when the 42-year-old reality star revealed on a previous ep that while she and Jamie were seen kissing on their original season back in the day, SO much more had gone down once the cameras went away. It turned out that they hooked up in a hotel after the show wrapped and they started filming on The Extreme Challenge in 2000. Even though Jamie could not remember whether or not that had happened, Julie confessed that she most likely recalled more of the details since the moment had been a big deal for her at the time, given that she grew up Mormon:

“I’m gonna remember it more than he’s gonna remember it because it was probably a bigger deal for me, right?”

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She continued, telling her roomie Matt Smith:

“It was kind of like this purity culture I had been in, and I didn’t understand my body. You and I were in the same position, we’d only ever kissed people and sexuality wasn’t something you wanted to explore, but it was something I wanted to explore. But I didn’t want it to have to be romantic.”

So clearly, Julie and Jamie had a history that is bound to possibly make her hubby a little worried since they are living together. Even more so, the two have been growing close throughout the revival!

And after Spencer stopped by the house for a brief visit, things really blew up! According to Julie, her hubby ended up finding a playlist she shared with Jamie called “Roping” on the way to the airport and “freaked out” that something sexual might have been happening between the co-stars given their past rendezvous. But here is where the situation took a very unexpected turn! Following the playlist drama, she explained to Danny Roberts:

“And then yesterday, I wake up to this super romantic text message from him and he’s essentially giving me a hall pass, telling me I can do anything I want.”

Wait, WHAT?! Now, that is not normally how someone reacts when they think their partner has been stepping out on their marriage! No wonder why Danny was instantly stunned by this news!

In a confessional, Julie noted that while she was “almost tempted” to read Spencer’s strange message out loud for everyone, she decided not to do so. Instead, she expressed:

“It’s so f**king weird. We don’t have an open marriage. I’ve only ever been with Spencer and Spencer’s only ever been with me since we met. But we’ve always said strict monogamy is a really weird interesting thing because if you’re not careful it can start to feel like a prison. So this is just such a weird, interesting dynamic and I just don’t know what to do with that.”

Apparently, Spencer is giving you the go-ahead to just run with it, girl! Well, sort of…

Danny goes on to comment that while he doesn’t really know too much about the couple’s relationship or their “level of trust,” he gets the vibe that Spencer was probably “triggered” by her being in the house again. He adds:

“It sounds like it’s likely a made up story in his head. … There’s something about Jamie that makes him feel insecure.”

Although Julie notes her husband is “not a jealous person” and the problem seems to stem from the playlist, Danny believes this incident most likely added fuel to the doubts that Spencer was already struggling with:

“This is called confirmation bias. … This is where your solid trust that you two have, he has to ground himself in that again.”

True! Speaking in a confessional, Danny also admitted that if he were in Spencer’s position, he would “probably have some concerns, too” knowing that Julie and Jamie had “past trysts.” He added:

“Even though Jamie is very much married, feelings we have for other people don’t tend to vanish into thin air, and that’s all I’m gonna say about that.”

Damn! We’ll have tune in and see if Julie decides to act on her “hall pass” or not! You can ch-ch-check out the video (below):

Would you have reacted the same way Spencer did to discovering Julie and Jamie’s playlist?? Sound OFF with your reactions in the comments (below).

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