What Breakup?! Kendall Jenner & Devin Booker Spotted Partying Together For The Fourth Of July!

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker sure are pretty cozy for two people who supposedly broke up in the middle of last month!

The 26-year-old model and reality TV star was spotted alongside the 25-year-old NBA stud out in the Hamptons on Long Island over the weekend by multiple people. And they were even caught on video getting close during a high-profile party in the area celebrating the Fourth of July holiday, too!

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According to Us Weekly, the star of The Kardashians and the Phoenix Suns pro athlete were spotted at a liquor store in the Hamptons early on during the Fourth of July holiday weekend. Per the outlet, an insider reported that the ex (?!) couple showed out at the store, driving over in a black SUV around 5:00 p.m. local time on Friday night to “load up on provisions” for the party weekend.

The insider reported via the outlet (below):

“There wasn’t any PDA, but they both looked to be in a great mood.”

Well that’s fun!

And Kendall apparently decided to practice what she preaches, by buying her own brand of 818 Tequila for consumption during the weekend’s festivities!

The insider further reported that the local liquor store workers got a kick out of that:

“[She bought] a bottle of her own 818 Tequila, which people in the liquor store joked about.”


Love that. Good for Kenny. Gotta promote the brand, right?! Momma Kris Jenner must be proud!

On Sunday night, social media video surfaced which appeared to show Kenny and Devin hanging out and getting close at ex-Philadelphia 76ers owner Michael Rubin‘s high-profile Fourth of July party, too. In the scene, the super model and her (former?!) man can be seen holding hands briefly at the very end of a video which shows them spending some quality time with other guests at the party:

Very interesting!

There were plenty of celebs at that event, including rappers Travis ScottDrake, and Meek Mill, and basketball players like James HardenJoel Embiid, and more. So it was definitely a must-attend evening!!

Of course, this isn’t the first time these two have been spotted together recently after their apparent split last month. Their behavior and body language — both according to sources and based on that video (above) — would seem to say a lot, wouldn’t it?!

So maybe there is something more going on here, and it’s deeper than just a quick and final split! Heck, judging by what Kendall apparently wants for her future, perhaps there is something deeper to be figured out here indeed!!

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

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