WHAT?! American Airlines Passenger Allegedly Stole $10,000 From Fellow Travelers DURING The Flight!

It was a mile high heist!

During a Tuesday flight from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Miami, Florida, an American Airlines passenger couldn’t keep his sticky fingers to himself — and caused quite the stir mid-air. According to court documents, Diego Sebastian Radio stole a whopping $10,000 in cash from other passengers on the flight, in addition to two credit cards, and more than 14,000 Argentine pesos (about $110 USD).

Wait, what??! This man sounds like he would give even the best cat burglar a run for their money!

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In an email to PEOPLE, American Airlines spokeswoman Laura Masvidal confirmed reports, explaining:

“American Airlines flight 900, with service from Buenos Aires (EZE) to Miami (MIA), was met by law enforcement and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents upon arrival in Miami due to reports of possible theft by a customer on board. The individual was taken into custody by CBP agents.”

So obviously Diego was caught in the act if he was being met at the gate in Miami, but how?

Well, it was reported that at least one flight attendant took note of his shady behavior as he would basically pace up and down the aisle and park it wherever he would spot an open seat. Then he’d make a little withdrawal from his victims.

Sorry, but that just sounds kind of crazy! How would the victimized passengers themselves not notice Diego slipping into their belongings? Maybe everyone was just tired from traveling, maybe he was just that sneaky… Who knows, but thankfully that one observant airline employee was there to keep a watchful eye!

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Things really came into focus when the flight attendant asked a passenger to check her belongings — and multiple items were reported missing. From there, other passengers began waking up to the robbery and realizing they were missing items as well. Thank goodness the flight attendant up! See something, say something, as they say!

After this the flight crew made contact with CBP agents in order to apprehend Diego and foil his plans. This all just leaves us wondering: how awkward was that flight, lol? Did any passengers directly confront Diego, or did everyone just keep quiet and leave it to the pros? It just seems like such a small space 1) for Diego to be stealing from passengers without them knowing, and 2) for flight attendants to inform the affected passengers without Diego catching wind of it… Weird things happen at 30,000+ feet in the air we guess!

What a brazen heist! We mean, there’s nowhere to run to if you get caught! Something Radio found out firsthand…

Anyways, what are YOUR thoughts on the airplane heist, Perezcious readers? Jet off in the comments below!

[Image via CBS Miami/YouTube]

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