Wait, WHY Did Megan Fox Insist On Knowing If Machine Gun Kelly Was Breastfed As A Baby?!

When Megan Fox says she wants to know everything about the people in her life, she really means EVERYTHING!

The Jennifer’s Body actress spoke out about her man, fiancé Machine Gun Kelly, as part of the publicity for his new Hulu documentary Life In Pink — and she revealed that she doesn’t want there to be any secrets between them!

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The 36-year-old star was on the red carpet talking to E! News when the jaw-dropping comment came. The outlet asked her about getting to know MGK as their relationship has continued to blossom throughout the year, and Fox came back with a surprising reveal about how well they know each other.

Speaking about her pursuit of knowledge, Megan explained that she asked a very specific question to the rock star, whose real name is Colson Baker, in order to learn more about him:

“Were you breastfed by your mother?”


The Transformers actress has a legitimate reason for asking that question, though! It’s not just her being nosy! LOLz!

Megan explained to the outlet that she was hoping to gain deeper insight into MGK’s psyche, and the roots of his personality, by learning about his upbringing:

“It has a lot to do with your psychology and your temperament. So I ask things like that.”


While that may seem weird to many people (us included, NGL!), Megan explained that she thinks it’s important to “go deep right away” with the people around her. Learning so much about the people who are taking on an outsized meaning in her life, Fox reasoned, allows her to bond with them:

“If you know me and I know you, it’s impossible for me to not know almost everything about you.”

Hey, that’s definitely one way to look at it. Besides, it’s certainly a deeper relationship convo than asking “what’s your favorite TV show” or something! Ha!

Of course, it’s not like Megan and MGK have ever shied away from the serious stuff. As Perezcious readers will recall, Megan also explained last week at the Life In Pink premiere in NYC how the couple has done “every form of therapy that exists” while working on their relationship.

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The Midnight in the Switchgrass star explained on the red carpet:

“We’ve done every form of therapy that exists. We’ve found a therapist that really works for us, couples and individually, and it’s definitely a process, it’s not an easy one. Some of it’s really difficult, but our therapist said that a relationship is basically the process of breaking each other down, but most people don’t have the tools to build each other back up, to rebuild.”

In those comments, she also added:

“And so, it’s a constant process of, like, suffering and passion and love and the repeat cycles. So, we’re just learning that, and navigating that, doing that together. There’s lots of all of those things all of the time.”

So, yeah, no wonder she’s taking it there on breastfeeding. No topic is off limits! And if they’re both willing to be open and share their histories with each other in a non-judgmental way, more power to ’em!

Still, how would you take a question like that, Perezcious readers?!

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