Tupac’s Final Words To His Friend Are A FAR CRY From What He Said To Cops!

New details have emerged surrounding Tupac Shakur’s final moments.

Last month, Keefe D was arrested and charged with murder with use of a deadly weapon in connection with Tupac’s murder. But that’s not the only new info to come out amid the heated up investigation.

As far as the general public has known, the All Eyez On Me rapper’s final moments were with retired Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department sergeant Chris Carroll, who held him in his arms as life slipped away. The ex-cop has revealed in the past that following the fatal drive-by shooting, the late artist’s final words were:

“F**k you.”

Carroll said he was attempting to ask Pac who shot him… The rapper clearly refused to give it up. He wasn’t a snitch, no matter the circumstances — and he died telling a cop to eff off. However, while those may have been his dying words, just moments before, he sent a very different message to his friend.

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In court documents obtained by The US Sun on Tuesday, Tupac’s childhood friend and fellow rapper E.D.I. Mean, who was with him the night of the fatal shooting, detailed what his own final moments with the Gang Related actor looked like.

He explained that Tupac was in the car ahead of his own as they made their way to Club 662, when “some women drove up on the passenger side” of Tupac’s rig. He recalled:

“Mr. Shakur began talking to the women. We couldn’t really hear what he was saying. We assumed he was probably inviting them to the club. After the ladies pull off, another car pulled up beside Mr. Shakur and Mr. Knight and an arm came out of the back window and began shooting.”

After the shooter sped off, E.D.I., whose real name is Malcolm Greenidge, ran up to the passenger side where Tupac sat. He remembered:

“[I] asked him is he okay, how he’s doing, [I was] trying to see, you know, what condition he was in.”

But he didn’t use his dying breaths to ask for help — he apparently helped potentially save E.D.I.’s life, instead. He said that Pac’s response was:

“Get on the ground, they’re going to shoot you.”

Pac wasn’t talking about whoever did the drive-by. He was talking about the cops coming onto the scene and shooting the first Black man they saw. And he was right to be worried. E.D.I. turned around and noticed a cop pointing a gun at him, shouting, “Get on the ground or I’ll shoot you.” He then did as advised, and we know the story from there. He added that the Juice star appeared “very calm” and “wasn’t moving much.” But he was aware enough of his surroundings to protect his friend.

Wow. What a different moment than sergeant Carroll’s with the late rapper. Thoughts, Perezcious readers?? Let us know in the comments.

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