Trolls Accuse Khloé Kardashian Of Lightening Daughter True Thompson’s Skin In New Pics — WTF?!

It’s a new day, so you know what that means? A new opportunity for Kardashian haters to slam the stars online!

On Sunday, Khloé Kardashian posted a carousel of Instagram pics of what looked like a private screening for Dreamworks’ new Trolls Band Together alongside her daughter True Thompson and nieces Dream Kardashian and Chicago West. See (below):

But it sounds like the real trolls were actually on a Reddit thread regarding the pic set! Here we go…

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Under a thread titled, “Today’s example of Khlogre [WTF?!] lightening True’s skin in photos,” users accused the mother of two of photoshopping the pics to change the 5-year-old’s appearance! The wrote things like:

“The poor little girl. Her pointer finger is warped as she’s had one of her first photoshop fails at the hands of her deranged mother.”

“She is so beautiful, I hope she doesn’t get influenced by her mom/fam and doesn’t get any plastic surgery when she is an adult.”

“Also did something weird to her face. Slide 1 vs Slide 2 is insane.. Poor sweet True doesn’t deserve this.”

Many users seemed to think that Khloé edited the pics to make True’s skin appear lighter, which is a pretty wild accusation… Trolls said things like:

“She is honestly a beautiful, sweet little girl. It hurts my heart to see her mother doing this and how unaware and innocent she is to it all. Oh lord, please save these children from their mothers.”

“True is going to end up wanting to lighten her skin and Khloe will be 100% responsible.”

“She acts like she hates the way True looks. It’s really sad…”

Okay, we get fans wanting to be protective over the little one, but isn’t that Khloé’s job?? It’s coming across more as Kardashian haters wanting to speak badly about the family just for the sake of hate, rather than being actual concerned fans… She could have brightened the overall pics, because, you know, they was taken in a DARK movie theater! Just a thought!

In the comments section of the actual post, fans celebrated Khloé and True, writing things like:

“I also want an Aunty Koko”

“True is such a beautiful little lady”

“I loveeee how you always include Dream”

“Literally the only aunt involved”

“Proud of her making her kids happy cheers to khloe”

“@khloekardashian You are amazing! I’m such a fan , your an amazing human overall and I love you. I love how much you love your children and love that you take True to movies and share this with her. These are the memories that she will remember always”

What are your thoughts, Perezcious readers?? Was that just a hate-fueled Reddit thread, or is there validity to it? Let us know in the comments down below.

[Images via Khloé Kardashian/Instagram & Hulu]

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