Tom Brady Talks ‘Going Through’ Stressful ‘Life’ Stuff Amid Gisele Bündchen Split

Tom Brady isn’t getting into specifics about his marital problems and, sad to say, likely divorce from Gisele Bündchen. But when you talk publicly enough, you can’t ignore the elephant in the room forever.

On this week’s episode of his SiriusXM podcast Let’s Go! with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray, the Tampa Bay Buccaneer mentioned “going through” some stuff. Monday was Mental Health Awareness Day, and the conversation was a good one, all about mental maintenance. Tom opened up to his co-hosts about his much-talked-about troubles:

“There’s things I’m going through in my 40s and it’s life… And you learn to grow up and you learn to deal with life. And that’s what we’re all trying to do. We’re trying to do it the best way we can.”

It’s true. It’s not very specific, but it’s true! LOLz! We’ve heard that specifically Tom is dealing with his wife being ready to “move on” — and not thinking there’s any salvaging the relationship. There have been conflicting reports on whether this rift was mostly caused by Tom going back to the NFL less than two months after retiring, but we’ve also heard there’s been trouble in paradise for much longer than anyone realized.

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A large part of the convo, in fact, was about how Tom had problems, too — that no one’s life is perfect. Noting how “everyone has different situations” causing them stress, he said carefully:

“I think you realize that there’s a lot, especially in today’s day and age, with how fast things are happening in life for all of us, and the amount of responsibilities we have.”

As for everyone’s perception that he’s a superhero, well, it sounds like he makes that same mistake sometimes, admitting he’s the type of guy who holds himself to a “certain standard that we’re almost inhuman.” But the healthy way to deal with it, he says, is with “a great support system”:

“You wake up every day trying to do the best you can do, understanding that life has its stresses. And to deal with them with a great support system and understanding and having some introspectiveness in your life where you can look at yourself and say, ‘Where do I need to commit my time and energy to? And how can I lessen some of the stress and lessen the burden on me so that I can be good for people around me.’ … So those are all different things that I work at.”

It sounds like he’s trying so hard. It’s heartbreaking to hear this knowing that his support system is losing a cornerstone at the moment.

Then again, we obviously don’t know everything about what’s been going on with Tom and Gisele behind closed doors. What do YOU think? Has Tom done everything he can? Or is the impending split proof he hasn’t??

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