Timbaland Trying To Get Justin Timberlake In Studio For Musical Response To Britney Spears: Source

There’s a chance Justin Timberlake will address the claims Britney Spears made in her book The Woman In Me… through song?! Seriously?

By now you know her memoir doesn’t paint the 42-year-old singer in the best light. The pop sensation accused him of cheating, convincing her to get an abortion because he wasn’t ready to be a dad, and more. Despite the intense criticism he’s facing online, it was believed Justin would not speak out about the allegations in order to not “get in the way” of her sharing her story. However, that all could change soon if Timbaland gets his way!

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A source for Dailymail.com claimed Justin’s longtime collaborator and friend has been trying to convince the actor to get into the studio to create a song as a “response to all the haters” — and, of course, to Britney:

“Justin is his great friend and Tim is going to protect that relationship at all costs. Everyone jumps to all sorts of conclusions immediately, and Justin is an easy target right now. Timbaland actually wants to use all this energy and get Justin in the studio to write a song about it all, to give his response to all the haters.”

We’ve heard whispers of Justin preparing for a music comeback. He’s already put it in motion by dropping a track with his *NSYNC bandmates for the upcoming Trolls movie and releasing a collaboration with Timbaland and Nelly Furtado. According to DM, Justin has been working with Timbaland on even more songs for his next album. And the insider insisted one track we could see from their in-studio collaboration is a musical response to the book drama — if the producer can just manage to talk him into the idea:

“They have been writing for a while and have many songs for Justin’s next album, but Timbaland has seen what these last few weeks have turned into and wants to get Justin to let his creative juices flow and make a song that will react to everything and also be a complete banger.”


Someone from Justin’s team needs to tell him this would be a terrible idea! If Justin thought the backlash was bad now, we can imagine it would get ten times worse if he released a song to clap back at the haters instead of issuing a genuine public apology to Britney again. He already profited off her through his and Timbaland’s now-controversial hit Cry Me A River. Does the producer really think it would be wise for him to do so again in light of the book?

Not to mention the fact Timbaland is already in hot water for suggesting JT “put a muzzle” on her for finally sharing her story about their relationship. So it really isn’t a good decision for either of them to push the buttons of Britney fans some more right now.

But what do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Do you feel this would be a good idea for Justin to get in the studio and make a musical response to the memoir backlash? Let us know in the comments below.

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