TikToker Claims She Caught Try Guy Ned Fulmer Cheating FOUR MONTHS Ago — And Sent Ariel The Receipts!

How long had Ned Fulmer been cheating on his wife Ariel Fulmer with co-worker Alex Herring?! A lot longer than we thought, it seems!!!

A woman named Brie on TikTok is now coming out claiming she saw The Try Guys star hooking up with his producer way back in May! In a now-viral video posted last week, the social media user claimed she saw the duo out to dinner at Castaway in Burbank, California several months before the cheating scandal was revealed.

She even captured a video of the pair sitting close together at an oceanside restaurant. While not shown in the video, she claimed they were “literally making out in front of a seafood tower.” Whoa. Not trying to hide at all!

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For anyone — or, say, any late night sketch comedy show — trying to defend Ned by downplaying this as just one “consensual kiss” with his employee, well, this seems like yet more evidence that’s a B.S. take.

Armed with proof of the sighting, Brie decided to reach out to Ariel on Instagram to “warn the wifey.” She showed viewers a screenshot of the DMs she sent Ariel, in which she disclosed:

Hi, I’m not sure [of] the ins and outs of your marriage and I am not trying to start anything. However, I would want to know if this was my husband. Either your husband has a doppelganger in LA and was at Castaway restaurant in Burbank on Friday at 5:00 pm or it was your husband. I saw him there with a younger girl with dark, long hair. They were kissing and I have some videos and photos of them.”

She reiterated her intention wasn’t to cause drama, she just felt the woman deserved to know the truth, adding:

“Again, I’m not trying to cause anything I just wanted to bring clarity to you.”

The TikToker also did a deep dive into the former Buzzfeed personality’s Instagram to track down the outfit he was wearing at the restaurant. She sent a photo to Ariel, adding:

“He was wearing these pants and what appeared to be white vans with a brown sole.”

Gotta love social media sleuths! They leave nothing unturned. LOLz!

In a follow-up video, Brie went on to say she was “shook” when she saw Ned “macking in front of the seafood tower.” Honestly, we’d be shocked, too! It’s crazy how many celebs think they can get away with cheating in public!!

So… why did it take another four months until The Try Guys and Ariel found out about the scandal?! Well, Brie’s not sure if Ariel ever read the messages because she didn’t respond. Fair enough, as we’re sure she probably gets a lot of messages from strangers… It also doesn’t sound like the TikToker sent it to the other boys or posted about it on social media until now, which is why it didn’t pick up any traction until after he was already exposed.

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In the second video, @brieeezybaby did note she felt unsure about whether it was her “place” to say anything about the apparent cheating at the time — but she now feels “justified,” explaining:

“I wasn’t crazy, that was Ned and he was doing some shenanigans.”

Ch-ch-check out her videos (below)!


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According to the remaining group members, Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang, they first found out about the infidelity around Labor Day weekend when photos of Ned and Alex in an NYC bar were brought to their attention. An internal investigation began which led to them cutting ties with their colleague for good. It’s unclear if they knew exactly when the workplace relationship started, but Ned did share with them it had been going on for a long time.

As of now, though, Ariel and Ned appear to be trying to work on their relationship. Sooo, we wonder what the full story is. How long were Ned and Alex a secret fling? And has Ned been telling Ariel, with whom he shares kids Wesley, 4, and Finn, 1, the truth about the timeline of everything? We sure hope so! Reactions, Perezcious readers?

[Image via Ned Fulmer/Alex Herring/Ariel Fulmer/Instagram]

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