The Timing Of Matthew Perry’s Death Was Made Even More Tragic For This Heartbreaking Reason

Matthew Perry‘s death in the jacuzzi at his Pacific Palisades home could have possibly turned out differently had the timing of the tragedy been slightly altered.

That’s what insiders believe in the days after the Friends actor shockingly passed away. As we’ve been reporting, Perry had just come home from a pickleball outing on Saturday afternoon and was in his hot tub relaxing. His assistant had gone to run errands for the television star, which reportedly included picking up prescription glasses and a new iPhone for him.

In the short time the assistant was away, that’s when the tragedy struck. And that is the moment that has sources connected to the situation wondering “what if?”

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Per TMZ, the sitcom star’s body was NOT waterlogged when it was pulled out of the jacuzzi at his home. First responders were called immediately when the assistant came home and found Perry there, and they pulled him out of the water so quickly that he was not in there long enough to be waterlogged.

Of course, he was still sadly pronounced dead at the scene. But that detail about his body not feeling the long-term effects of the water is a critical one. Had the timing been altered slightly — had his assistant had been around in that window to take action even sooner than they did, or had someone else been there to assist him — perhaps things could have gone differently.

Ultimately, sadly, it’s a moot point. The timing worked out the way it did, and the heartbreaking situation that has unfolded since is one Perry’s family, friends, loved ones, and fans are all grappling with now. But still, that his death happened in such a small window of alone time adds a whole new layer to this sad situation. Ugh.

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