Terrifying Ring Video Shows Couple Followed Home By Creepy Wig-Wearing Pair Who Pulled A Gun!

One man has been arrested and police are looking for his accomplice after seeing a shocking video from a couple’s Ring camera.

The pair were walking back into their home in in Wheat Ridge, Colorado one afternoon this week when their security cam showed they had been followed by two other people. According to local cops, the two followers, a man and a woman, were both wearing wigs and some kind of outfits or costumes.

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As the homeowners walked back towards their house and up onto their front porch, the two people trailing behind rushed forward. The residents opened their door and walked inside just as the man behind them ran up and pulled a handgun out of his pants.

Shocked, the homeowners slammed the door in his face, avoiding what could have been a potentially catastrophic situation with the armed individual. In a social media post about the incident on Wednesday, the Wheat Ridge Police Department shared their relief that the couple was able to close the door and diffuse the assault:

“If the couple hadn’t immediately gone inside and slammed the door, who knows what may have happened.”

After the residents slammed the door to escape the scary situation, the two alleged assailants could be seen on the Ring doorbell camera laughing as they walk away. They then run towards a waiting vehicle in the neighborhood. Police noted that the car was a silver Kia Sportage. Cops also suspect a third person may have been waiting for them in the driver’s seat of the getaway vehicle.

On social media, according to CBS Colorado, the law enforcement org asked local residents for help in identifying the people:

“Although they both appear to be wearing costumes or at least wigs, their faces are quite clear. In other words, if you know them odds are you’ll recognize them.”

As you can see in the video from the near-attack, things could have gone very, very wrong if the homeowners weren’t able to get back inside as fast as they did:


It seems the intention was to mug the couple. According to cops, just five minutes after this incident occurred in Wheat Ridge, the two suspects are believed to have robbed another man at gunpoint in the city of Denver.

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Thankfully, it appears as though someone came forward with information about the alleged armed robbers. One day after the video was first released to the media, a person turned in the gunman. On Thursday, cops arrested the man, whom they’re convinced is the one seen in the video. His name has not been released to the public. Charges are pending as the Wheat Ridge PD are still trying to identify the woman.

Per the news outlet, the police department is thankful for all the help from the public:

“Thank you for all of your shares here and the information you shared with our detective.”

Now, hopefully they can figure out the identity of that woman — and whether a third person was involved.

So scary!!

[Image via CBS Colorado/YouTube]

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