Sydney Sweeney May Have Accidentally Just Revealed She’s Been Breaking The Law!

Did Sydney Sweeney accidentally reveal she’s a not-so-smooth criminal??

The Immaculate star posted a glimpse of her room earlier this week as she was sitting down to watch some Law & Order. But she might be on the wrong side of law and order as it turns out! Because fans quickly recognized the app she was watching wasn’t Netflix or Peacock or Prime Video… They think they’ve pinpointed it as a pirating app!

Sydney Sweeney Instagram Stories
(c) Sydney Sweeney/Instagram Stories

Multiple folks who saw this called it out as Flixtor, a site where one can apparently stream for free. But not exactly legally! Others pointed out it’s the same interface as a lot of pirating sites. Kind of odd for someone as successful as Sydney, who can totally afford it, not to pay for streaming services, right?

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Something tells us she didn’t intend to implicate herself! But rather than call her out, fans were applauding the Euphoria star:

“my girl pirating so real”

“not her using flixtor”

“damn even rich people ain’t payin

“good for her and her bag”

“All the shows we want to watch are all on different streaming services WE NOT PAYING FOR 8 DIFFERENT SERVICES AND NEITHER IS MRS SWEENEY”

“They are just like us”

“the way she’s watching LAW and ORDER while pirating LMAO”

“she’s so real for that honestly”

Hey, it’s not hardly a dangerous crime, right? It’s not like it’s… for instance… driving while intoxicated.

Ha! What crimes would YOU be fine with your fave celebs committing?? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via Nicky Nelson/WENN/Sydney Sweeney/Instagram.]

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