Stranger Things Star Noah Schnapp Reveals Doja Cat Slid Into His DMs — To Ask Out ANOTHER Cast Member!

Mr. Wingman!

Noah Schnapp just revealed that Doja Cat is pining after one of his Stranger Things co-stars and she asked him to set them up! LOLz!!

The reveal was made via a new TikTok on Wednesday. The clip started with a fan pointing out how “thirsty” the singer was for Season 4 star Joseph Quinn, aka Eddie Munson. Back at the end of May, the 26-year-old gushed about her crush for the first time on Twitter, writing:

“Joseph quinn fine as s**t”


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Then on Wednesday, a fan account shared a hawt new snapshot of the actor on Twitter, saying:

“Doja look how fine Joseph Quinn is”

As if she didn’t already know!! The Get Into It vocalist quickly responded:

“It’s f**king criminal.”

Yup, veeeery thirsty!! And for good reason, have y’all seen him?!

Well, in a hilarious twist, it turns out Doja wasn’t just simping for the hunky 29-year-old on her feed, she actually tried making this a thing IRL!! Leave it to Noah to give us the juicy deets!

Stitching the TikTok video showing off Doja’s crush, the Hubie Halloween alum revealed a screenshot of his Instagram DMs with the pop star – in which she was hitting him up to shoot her shot with Joseph! The Grammy winner wrote:

“Noah can u tell Joseph to hmu”

She quickly added:

“Wait no. does he have a gf?”

Hah!! A respectful queen! A few hours later, Noah responded to the text, saying:

“LMAOO slide into his dms”

OK, so is that confirmation Joe might like her back?! We gotta know if Noah told him about this before writing back!

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The rapper then admitted why she was sliding into Noah’s DMs in the first place, responding:

“Idk his ig or twitter
He doesn’t have a dm to slide in”

Aw! So that’s why she was going through a friend first! Not wanting to leave a girl hanging, Noah sent a link to Joseph’s IG page, adding:

“Right here ma’am”

And that was that, so now we’re dying to know if Doja ever did slide into those DMs!! Can you imagine?! Ch-ch-check out Noah’s very revealing TikTok (below)!


#stitch with @taradanto thirsty doja

♬ original sound – Noah Schnapp

Fans were quick to respond to the video with most freaking out over the possible couple. Others were feeling sorry for themselves that they don’t have direct access to Joseph! Take a look:

“Noah you got to help persuade him”

“okay but can we blame her”


“she better not steal him from us”

“Noah helping doja out”


Oh, and for exposing Doja without hesitation, one fan had this to say:

“Now why would he expose her like that? That’s why they still got him running around in that f**k ass bob 4 seasons in”


Reactions?! Let us know (below)!

[Image via Noah Schnapp/Doja Cat/Instagram & Nicky Nelson/WENN]

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