Steven Tyler Accused Of Holding Minor ‘Captive’ During Alleged 1975 Sexual Assault — While Others Watched And Laughed

Steven Tyler is facing yet another horrific lawsuit!

The Aerosmith frontman has just been slapped with a brand new lawsuit from a woman named Jeanne Bellino — and the claim dates back to an incident in 1975 when she was allegedly “sexually assaulted by Steven ‘Tyler’ Tallarico.” According to Us Weekly on Thursday, Jeanne was “approximately 17 years old” at the time. After all these years, she has finally decided to speak out, her attorney, Jeff Anderson, told the outlet:

“Jeanne is now 66 years old and suffered in silence and humiliated shame for so many years, and had the courage to now tell her story. As horrific as it is, it’s powerful, and she wanted Latina women and girls to know they can stand up and speak out.”

It is never easy to speak out, especially against such a famous public figure, so we commend her for having the courage to do so! As for what happened? Let’s get into it…

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In court docs obtained by the outlet, the woman claims she met the rockstar after a modeling gig in New York City in ’75. She was waiting for her friend to jump in a cab, with whom she’d agreed to split the fare home to Queens, after a runway show when the friend decided she wanted to meet up with the band at the Warwick Hotel before leaving Manhattan. The docs noted:

“[The] Plaintiff and her friend met Tyler and his entourage and together they walked down 6th Avenue in Manhattan with around a half a dozen people who appeared to be bandmates and other people affiliated with Aerosmith band.”

That’s when things got icky. Bellino recalled making a comment about one of Steven’s song lyrics when he allegedly “became visibly irritated” — and then “grabbed” her and “forced her into a phone booth.” Here, the Walk This Way crooner, then around 27 years old, allegedly held the teenager “captive” and “stuck his tongue down her throat, and put his hands upon her body, her breasts, her buttocks, and her gentials, moving and removing clothing and pinning her against the wall of the phone booth.”


The woman also recalled the artist allegedly “humping her pretending to have sex” with her as “others stood by outside the phone booth laughing.” Horrible.

The now-75-year-old then allegedly “forcefully inserted his tongue into [her] mouth, without her consent” and alleged that his “penis was erect and it was evident to her as he rubbed it against her that he was not wearing underwear and wearing thin pants.” Jeanne managed to grab “Tyler’s long hair” and raise her knee up before he “suddenly stopped and exited the booth.” She was rightfully in “shock and fear” as she put her clothes back together, but even after all this, she didn’t flee the scene because she was “relying upon her friend for transportation.”

Instead, she continued with her friend, Tyler, and the rest of the group to the Warwick Hotel, where he once again got handsy. The docs stated:

“Steven Tyler again pinned Plaintiff against the wall, put his tongue down her throat and started humping Plaintiff, simulating sex. Tyler assaulted Plaintiff again as others stood by and watched.”


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Jeanne “resisted and pulled his hair” before the rockstar reportedly whispered in her ear, “I’m going in my room to do something quick.”

The young model was “sobbing and afraid” as she sat in the hotel lobby. Moments later, when one of Steven’s “colleagues” came back and allegedly told her, “OK, you can go up to his room.” By then, she’d had enough and “shook her head in defiance” and “bolted towards the door.” A doorman helped her hail a cab and the driver took her home even though she couldn’t pay the full fare, per People. Whoa. It’s a good thing she finally listened to her instincts and got herself out of a situation that made her feel unsafe!

Now, Jeanne is claiming she “sustained physical, emotional, and psychological injuries, along with pain and suffering” at the hands of the Aerosmith star. According to People, she was hospitalized and medicated after the incident and has continued to require medication to cope with the assault. She’s asking the court “for judgment against Defendant in an amount that will fully and fairly compensate Plaintiff for Plaintiff’s injuries and damages and for any other relief the Court deems appropriate.” She’s also requesting a trial by jury.

As mentioned, this is the second sexual assault case Steven’s dealt with in less than a year. In December 2022, he was accused of assaulting another minor, Julia Holcomb (now Julia Misley) in 1973, though he argued the case should be dismissed “because of immunity or qualified immunity” since he was her legal guardian. Which, you know, is a WILD excuse!!

He’s yet to speak out against this latest case. Reactions, Perezcious readers?

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