Shannon Beador Gets Slap On Wrist In DUI Case — AVOIDS Jail Time In Lax Sentencing After Scary Hit-And-Run!

It’s time for Shannon Beador to face the music…

The Real Housewives of Orange County star has finally been sentenced for her DUI case, but lucky for her, it’s WAY lighter than expected. How so?! Well, the biggest victory is that she’s avoided jail time — despite efforts from her opponents!

For those who haven’t been keeping up with the drama, just under two months ago, the reality star crashed into a Newport Beach, California home during a drunk hit-and-run incident in which her blood alcohol content was three times the legal limit (allegedly coming in at .24%)! She then drove away from the crime scene and started walking her dog in a nearby area to act casual. Of course, her scheme didn’t work and she was arrested by police.

Now, just weeks after getting charged, she’s finally learned her fate. According to new court docs obtained by TMZ on Thursday, Shannon did not show up to the courtroom in person, but she had her attorney there to represent her and plead no contest on her behalf to two misdemeanor charges — one count of DUI and one count of driving with a BAC of .08% or more. Interestingly, the judge dismissed the charge of hit-and-run with property damage.

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Hmm. We would’ve thought that would’ve been the worst! After all, she wrecked someone’s property and fled the scene! Two big no-nos! But, according to legal docs, she’s already paid for the damage, so maybe that’s why the charge was dropped. It also probably helps that nobody was severely injured, though Shannon did suffer a fractured left wrist and cuts and bruising to her left eye, the papers noted.

As for the other charges… Instead of getting locked up, the Bravolebrity will spend the next 36 months on informal probation, must pay an unspecified amount of fines and fees, and complete 40 hours of community service and a 9-month alcohol program. Honestly, pretty reasonable for what she did — and it sounds like a BIG win considering Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer tried to convince the judge to send Shannon to jail for 30 days. They really wanted to make an example out of her!!

So far, the 59-year-old hasn’t spoken out about the sentencing yet (and she’s said very little about the whole ordeal since the crash in September), but she has reportedly entered an outpatient program to work on her alleged addiction struggles following the incident. So, hopefully, she can complete all these orders without issue!

We bet she’s relieved by this light sentencing! Three years might sound like a long time on probation, but it’s actually pretty standard for the charge, and things could’ve been so much worse… Next, Shannon’s expected to show up at BravoCon in Vegas over the weekend, so maybe she’ll have more to say on this then.

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