Serial Killer? Nurse Charged With SECOND Murder — And Suspected Of Several More

A former nurse may just be a serial killer after being the suspected cause of the deaths of NINE patients under her care…

In 2012 Jennifer Anne Hall (pictured above) came under heavy speculation when her patients began dropping like flies in the early 2000s. It was seen as nothing abnormal at first, of course some people will pass away even when receiving treatment, but quickly people began to raise their eyebrows when one after the next patients of Hall’s died in her care. The public even went as far as to accuse her of being a serial killer, but she outright denied those claims to KMBC at the time, saying:

“It’s shocking to know that somebody can think something so horrible of you and the real truth is out there somewhere.”

Things aren’t looking good in regards to the 42-year-old’s defense, though, as she’s now been charged with her SECOND murder in the cases of her late patients. In May of last year, she was charged with murder of the first degree in relation to the death of 75-year-old Fern Franco way back in 2002 — she would’ve been only 21 at the time!

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Now, she’s been charged with first-degree murder again on Wednesday, in relation to the 2002 death of 37-year-old David Wesley Harper. He was battling bronchitis when he checked into Hendrick Medical Center where Hall worked back then. According to what the accused told prosecutors, three days later she walked into his room to find him sitting on the bed. He then allegedly fell back in “complete respiratory arrest.” He later died.

Hall was found with a vial of a substance called succinylcholine in her pocket — which in case you’re not familiar, it’s basically a death by suffocation sentence. Court docs from Wednesday read:

“The substance used to take Mr. Harpers’ life, succinylcholine, paralyzes the victim’s muscles, including the diaphragm, causing the victim to suffer a ghastly death from suffocation, while still maintaining full consciousness and awareness that they are unable to breathe and are dying.”

Just awful…

Prosecutors also said in the documents:

“The rate of cardiac collapse incidents … rose alarmingly. These incidents were viewed as medically suspicious.”

During Hall’s five month employment from December 2001 to May 2002, an alarming EIGHTEEN cardiac collapse incidents happened during her short stay at Hendrick. Nine of those situations resulted in death. These numbers just get more disturbing when you take into account how previously the hospital only averaged one cardiac collapse per year. She’d allegedly caused nearly 20 years worth of incidents in five months! So scary…

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[Image via YouTube/FOX 4 News Kansas City/Livingston County Sheriff’s Office]

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