RHONJ Star Joe Gorga Lashes Out At Tenant For Alleged Unpaid Rent In INTENSE Viral Video!

Don’t get on Joe Gorga‘s bad side!!

A tenant living in one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey star’s rental properties found that out the hard way late last week, after a viral video surfaced of the man getting into a vicious verbal incident with the reality TV veteran! And now, hearing the context of what the fight was about, we are certainly thrown by how it went from 0 to 100 so quickly! Yeesh!

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According to TMZ, which first published video of the ugly verbal assault early on Monday morning, the two men got into their intense war of words last Thursday in the city of Hawthorne, New Jersey.

It all came about due to an apparent dispute over allegedly unpaid rent at the man’s apartment, which is owned by Gorga. The Bravo star’s lawyer, W. Peter Ragan, claimed to the outlet that Joe collected nearly $40,000 in COVID-related rental assistance from the state on the tenant’s behalf over the last several years during the pandemic. However, the lawyer alleges, the renter supposedly hasn’t paid his monthly bill “on his own” since October of 2018 — and he allegedly still owes Joe nearly $50,000 more! Jeez!!

In the viral video, the 42-year-old reality TV star can be seen arguing with the reported tenant in a parking lot. While the unidentified man sits in his car, he alludes to Joe receiving COVID assistance money from the state, and claims that Melissa Gorga‘s hubs simply already spent it.

However, Gorga is livid throughout the nearly 3-minute-long clip, yelling this (below) and other variations on it multiple times:

“You’re a f**king loser!”

At one point in the vid, Gorga alludes to the renter’s past difficulties — and claimed he tried to help the man out while he was down on his luck, too:

“You had nowhere to live I gave you a house!”

The video ends as Joe gets back in his truck and the reported renter drives away, baiting Joe to “go get the sledgehammer” in an apparent reference to a prior verbal altercation between the two incensed men.

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The Bravo-lebrity’s rep, Mike Martocci, told TMZ in Monday’s report that Joe “initially felt bad” for the tenant, who reportedly is a restaurant manager who lost his job at some point during the COVID pandemic. However, after the aggressive verbal altercation, Joe has now “had a change of heart,” per the outlet, and has decided to file eviction papers.


If you’re curious, you can see the video HERE — but be warned, as it contains lots of NSFW language!

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