Pete Davidson Is Taking His BDE To The Bank!

Pete Davidson is cashing in on his heightened profile in the public eye — and on his supposedly ample assets under the belt!

The Saturday Night Live alum is the new face of the men’s grooming company Manscaped. In a commercial that dropped on Monday morning, he REALLY goes for it! Seems he’s going Down Under in more ways than one!

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The King of Staten Island star is shilling for the firm’s “Lawn Mower 4.0” trimmer made for a guy’s, uhhh, groin area. While Pete apparently doesn’t have any problem standing out down there, grooming is always good, right?? Gotta keep things clean! So says Kim Kardashian‘s boyfriend in the new ad, at least. It’s a quick clip, but the 28-year-old delivers some great lines, including:

“Let’s show them how hairless we could be, boys!”

At one point, Pete turns his back to the camera as though he’s using the trimmer and says:

“I got a hot date!”

Oooh! He adds:

“Presentation matters! Don’t make me get specific, because I will. … I’ve been using this guy long enough to where I think it’s time we go into business together!”

Ch-ch-check out the ad (below):

Too funny!

Per Business Wire, Manscaped released a statement about Pete becoming a stakeholder in the company in addition to helming the campaign:

“Pete is the perfect brand partner for Manscaped. Both his sense of humor and sense of self closely fit our brand voice and values. One of those core values is to not take ourselves too seriously; it makes our brand approachable and allows for authentic connections with our fans. We’re so fortunate to work with Pete who is incredibly talented and has a natural ability to connect with men and women all over the world in a similar fashion.”

That sounds like Pete!! It’s a big biz move, too. So Kim gets Pete laid while Kris Jenner gets Pete paid?! Is that how it goes now?? Ha!!

[Image via Manscaped/YouTube/WENN]

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