Oof! Justin Timberlake Turns Off Instagram Comments Amid ‘Disgusting’ Britney Spears Backlash!

Looks like all this drama is getting to him!

Justin Timberlake has officially turned off all comments on his Instagram account as of Wednesday — just one day after the release of his ex-girlfriend Britney Spears’ explosive tell-all The Woman in Me!

And we’re not talking about disabling the ability for fans to write him messages under just a few noteworthy posts! He did this for his ENTIRE page! The comments must have been BRUTAL!

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Per a Page Six insider, the SexyBack singer made this decision because of the “hateful, disgusting things people were saying.” Jeez. It’s good he’s protecting his mental health through this, though. Social media can ben intense. But still…

As we all know, excerpts of the book started hitting the web last week in preparation for the memoir’s release, and JT definitely took the hardest hit! The biggest bombshell was the fact he convinced the Toxic artist to get an abortion when she got pregnant at 19. There was also plenty of other tea spilled, like the fact Justin allegedly cheated on Britney first, broke up with her via text, and the list goes on!

So far, the Trolls actor hasn’t spoken out, but he’s supposedly “not at all happy” about the book and is doing his best to focus on his family and career. He’s also got the full support of his *NSYNC band members, so that helps! Still, it is interesting to see him finally (albeit cryptically!) make somewhat of an acknowledgment of the controversy! We wonder if he’ll clap back eventually. Or better yet, will he apologize?! He’s clearly taking note of the drama, after all…

Reactions? Do you think he’s preparing a statement as we speak?? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Ellen Show/YouTube & Britney Spears/Instagram]

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