OMG, This TikToker’s Defense For Flashing Her Breasts To Little Boys Is WILD!

Well. This woman is going to need to get a better defense together before she goes to court!

If you haven’t heard, a popular TikTok star named Kylie Strickland was arrested this week after a video she put up on the app went viral for all the wrong reasons. The clip was recorded during a pool party at a home in Georgia; in it, despite the presence of children, the 30-year-old can be seen flashing her breasts to the camera — which got her in some truly hot water!

Quite a few of her 250k followers — and we expect others who came across the video accidentally — were shocked and offended, calling it child abuse, grooming, etc. “Numerous complaints” led to an actual police investigation, and on Thursday Kylie was arrested on charges of “computer or electronic pornography and child exploitation.”

These are serious charges — a felony in Georgia — that could get her as much as 20 years in prison! That’s what Josh Duggar was facing for possessing actual child porn, the “worst of the worst.” Is this really in that same ballpark?

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We’ve seen quite a few folks online defending Kylie already. Some have pointed out there are nudist events with children present, and breastfeeding in public is legal in most places. Is just being topless as a woman considered sexual? Was this different in some way? Well, the Pike County Police Department did say in their statement that she exposed herself “in a provocative manner.” She definitely is flashing in the video, and there’s no question she’s intending to be “provocative.” But the real issue, considering the charges, is the video — showing her breasts online, in a recording featuring children. That’s the part that’s got her in trouble.

So what’s Kylie’s response to all this? Well, it’s not great.

She’s made her Tiktok and Instagram private, but in live videos captured by viewers she can be seen addressing the controversy. And she’s not downplaying the incident with any #FreeTheNipple arguments or by denying the “provocative” nature of the brief nudity. No, from what we’ve seen so far she’s mostly minimizing the assumed innocence of the children!

In one video she claims the kids were “taking shots of tequila” before she got there and added:

“Those little boys have seen more boobs than I’ve probably seen in my entire life.”

Um… what?? She continues:

“It’s not my responsibly to parent someone else’s child if the parent is there. Those kids go to mud rides.”


Another video shows alleged text messages between Kylie and the father of the boys in question. He says someone called him to make sure he and the mother weren’t mad “about you showing them boys your tits.” He writes:

“I told them heck no, I ain’t. I’m proud proud of them, so you cool with me.”

She responds:

“I figured you didn’t care, but just wanted to make sure. Probably shouldn’t have done it. [Redacted] so that’s my fault, but I just wanted to make sure y’all wasn’t upset about it.”

The dad says:

“Nah, you good, someone done got mad they had to pay to see them and the boys didn’t.”

Huh. Having the parents in her corner may well help her case when this goes to court, right?

What do YOU think about her response??

[Image via Pike County Sheriff’s Office/Kylie Strickland/Instagram]

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