Nick Carter Breaks Down Crying, Brother Aaron’s Death Still ‘Hurts’ So Much 1 Year Later

It’s been almost one year since Aaron Carter’s shocking death and it is still incredibly difficult for his brother Nick Carter to process…

In an emotional new interview with E! News out on Friday, the Backstreet Boys singer opened up about how difficult this time of year is as his family prepares to mark the first anniversary of the rapper’s death on November 5.

As Perezciouz readers know, the 34-year-old I Want Candy crooner was found dead in the bathtub at his home in Lancaster, California last year. He accidentally drowned “due to the effects” of alprazolam, a generic form of Xanax, and difluoroethane, a flammable gas that is often found in cans of compressed air, the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner later confirmed.

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At the mention of his younger brother, Nick immediately teared up, expressing:

“It’s still unbelievable to me. When I think back and I get to these holidays, like Halloween, these are like moments and milestones and times when I’ve actually shared those memories with my brother and with my family. Good times.”

The holidays are always so tough when you’ve lost a loved one, but to have their death anniversary right around the same time must make it all the more emotional. In the quiet moments, Nick is finding himself struggling to grapple with the death, he continued:

“Even though I’m sharing it with my kids and my family now, it’s still — there’s times when I sit by myself, or if I’m in my car, and I say to myself, ‘This is unbelievable. How’s this [happening]?’ So, I’m still processing the whole situation and trying to make sense of it.”

The lack of resolution in the brothers’ rocky relationship seems to be what’s tearing him up most, he noted:

“No matter what he and I had gone through in our lives, we always were able to make amends — always were able to get back to that place. And now I can’t anymore, and it hurts.”

Oof. So tough.

Not having resolution — especially after all their public ups and downs — no doubt makes this a more complicated loss. We’re so sorry he didn’t get that closure.

Addressing his tears, he added:

“I’m just still processing the whole thing, and sometimes you push it down because you don’t want to think about it and then it comes out like this. But I’m hoping that one day I can make sense of it all. […] No matter what, he’s my brother. I miss him, I love him. I’m hoping one day it will all make sense and I’m working on it.”

These days, Nick is focused on his family, including being the best dad possible to his three young kids, Pearl, Saoirse, and Odin, but when the time is right, he’ll have a lot more to say on the topic:

“One day I look forward to really be able to talk about everything and to say the things I want to say. Again, I think there’s a time and a place for that, and I look forward to that in the future. I really do.”

Whoa. Hear his full reflection on the tough milestone (below):

We’re sending so much love to Aaron’s family and friends right now, including his 1-year-old son Princeton who has just filed a wrongful death lawsuit via his mother, Melanie Martin. Anniversaries like these can bring up so, so many feelings. May Aaron continue to rest in peace…

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