Most Awkward Reality Moment EVER?! The One That Got Away Contestant Doesn’t Remember Long-Lost Love Competing For Her!

This is incredibly cringey!

Amazon Prime Video just released a teaser for their new reality series The One That Got Away — and it might just capture the most awkward reality TV moment EVER!

The new series, hosted by Betty Who and streaming now, sees six contestants date “long lost” lovers from their past. It’s supposed to be the second chance they’ve always wanted, but… it all goes very wrong for one hopeful suitor!

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In a preview clip released by TooFab, “serial dater” Kasey is seen chatting with Betty before meeting her first date — who will soon be heading through a “portal” to meet her (again). She admits she’s feeling “nervous and excited,” before she elaborates in a confessional:

“I don’t know who has sacrificed all of their time to come here for me. That’s insane to just even think I’m worth it like that. It’s so, so hard for me to take people’s compliments and I’ve always felt like I wasn’t good enough.”

Well, the mystery man might have regretted sacrificing all his time because when he walked out of the portal, Kasey’s first reaction was:

“What the hell?”

Uh, that’s not the response we bet he was hoping for! She went on to tell the cameras:

“First of all, I don’t know who he is at all, but he’s tall and he’s hot. So obviously, I forgot his name and I tried to play it off cool.”

Hah!! She wasn’t that cool because she did have to ask for his name, finally admitting:

“You’re gonna kill me. What’s your name again?”

He revealed it was Dylan — but not before looking completely heartbroken! Poor guy! Ch-ch-check out the hilarious clip HERE! Ooooh, man!! We’re getting second-hand embarrassment just watching it!!

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FWIW, Dylan shouldn’t be feeling too bad about being forgotten since Kasey explains in her bio that she “never stays single for too long” and has jumped from “relationship to relationship” for the past decade. He may not have been the most memorable guy from her past, but maybe he’ll leave a large enough impression on her this time around?!

No matter what, it looks like this new show is bound to be filled with a lotta awkward moments amid the romance! Amazon described the concept of the series, saying:

“[They are] each searching for their soulmate, as they embark on a never-before-seen quest for love, and are given the chance to explore a lifetime of missed connections. Whether it’s a high school classmate whose crush always went unrequited, or the kind stranger who offered a helping hand five years ago, the potential partners are sure to be dramatic.”

So maybe Dylan won’t be the only “stranger” in the mix?! Ch-ch-check out the full trailer for the series (below):

Spicy!! Will YOU be tuning in, Perezcious readers?!

[Image via Amazon Prime Video/YouTube]

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