Mom’s Body Found Floating In Trash Can After Chilling Last Words — Her Father Suspects MURDER

The body of a mom of three was found in a trash can floating along Buffalo Bayou this month after telling her father she’d been threatened.

Around 6 p.m. on July 19 the Houston Police Department was notified by a tour boat operator that a trash can was floating along the bayou, omitting “a foul odor”. The HPD and Houston Fire Department arrived on the scene and dragged the trash can ashore. What they found they never expected…

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When an officer raised the lid a terrible stench hit law enforcement’s noses and they saw what appeared to be a human body. At the time of finding the body, they were unable to identify race, age or sex due to decomposition, but medical examiners were finally able to confirm the victim’s info on Tuesday — 31-year-old Shelby Vercher.

Speaking to KHOU 11, father of the deceased Coy Vercher recalled what happened when he first heard the news of his daughter’s death:

“At 6 o’clock on Thursday afternoon, the ME calls me and asked me did I know a Shelby Nicole Vercher. I said ‘she’s my daughter.’ They said ‘we have her here and she’s dead.’”

The last thing any parent wants to hear from the police. Especially over the phone! Just awful…

But it may not have come as a complete surprise to the victim’s family. Allegedly, she had told her father the day before her body was found that someone was after her! Speaking with KTRK-TV, Coy said the two had met at the park on July 18:

“She said, “Daddy, I gotta go over here and get my mail. I’m going to get my stuff, and I’m going to West Oaks Hospital, then to Santa Maria.’”

This would be the last time the woman was seen alive, however, as he added:

“She never made it [to her destination].”

In his last conversation with his youngest child, the man said she admitted to him that someone “put a hit” on her:

“She told me, ‘Daddy, someone put a hit out on me.’”


She allegedly told her dad this only ONE DAY before her body was found. With that info, the chances of this being a coincidence are looking pretty slim…

When Coy asked if she knew who was allegedly trying to kill her, she brushed it off and refused to say any names:

“[She said] ‘No, daddy, it will be okay’… apparently, it won’t be okay.”

Chilling! She wouldn’t even say the name of who was after her. The devastated father continued, saying he’s determined to find out who threatened and potentially murdered his child:

“Apparently, she was telling me the truth. Someone did put out a hit on her. I intend to find out who … Somebody needs to pay for this … My daughter may be a lot of things, but she wasn’t trash.”

Just gut-wrenching what this poor man is having to go through, no parent should have to bury their child. Houston Police have yet to say if they believe foul play was involved, but the family is certain she was murdered. Her dad in particular reiterated this in the description of a GoFundMe he created to help pay for the 31-year-old’s funeral expenses:

“My name is Coy Vercher. My daughter Shelby Vercher was found murdered and I’m trying to put together funds for her final expenses. I would like her to be buried with our family in East Texas but I am on a fixed income and it is beyond my means.”

The case remains a mystery for now, but hopefully the Verchers will get the answers and justice they deserve soon. If you would like to donate to the family, you can find the link here.


[Image via YouTube/KHOU 11/GoFundMe]

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