Mom With Children Named ‘Aryan’ & ‘Nation’ Accused Of Killing Native American Woman In Hit-And-Run

A Montana woman who allegedly struck and killed another woman in a terrible hit-and-run back in March has been arrested. And the details that have come out since are jaw-dropping.

Sunny Kathrinne White (pictured above, in her mugshot) was arrested on Saturday by authorities in Montana and charged with five felonies. Among those charges is one count of vehicular homicide while under the influence relating to the death of 22-year-old Mika Josephine Westwolf.

Westwolf, who was a member of the Blackfeet nation, was walking towards her home on rural Highway 93 outside the tiny town of Arlee, Montana on the morning of March 31. At about 4:15 a.m. local time, she was struck in the road and killed. Per court documents obtained by People on Wednesday, she lay there for some time before Tribal Police Officer T.J. Haynes happened to drive along the rural road and see her body, along with some vehicle debris.

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As Haynes and other officers attended to Westwolf, who was pronounced dead at the scene, police also took note of the vehicle debris description — especially the paint color. Nearly two hours later in the nearby city of Polson, a deputy with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office spotted a gold 2008 Cadillac Escalade with significant front-end damage. Polson is about 40 miles north of Arlee, where the accident occurred. The deputy noted the sighting, which included grill damage and a missing passenger side mirror. Having heard about Arlee’s investigation, he learned the paint color and damage points were consistent with what officers found near Westwolf’s body.

At that point, the deputy approached the woman with the vehicle, who he quickly identified as White. When he asked her about the car, White said she’d hit a deer — but couldn’t recall where it happened. Per the affidavit, White allegedly tried to make up an excuse about it, too:

“[White] claimed she was passing a bottle back to her baby and didn’t see the deer.”

Whether or not the story about passing a bottle back to her baby is true, White’s children were in the car with her at the time, per the Missoulian. Those children, as the deputy later learned, were named Aryan, 4, and Nation, 2.

Wait, WHAT?!?!

Yeah. Aryan Nation. Sounds like momma is a Neo-Nazi. Gross.

Upon talking further to White about the alleged deer collision, the deputy became convinced she was under the influence of opiates. Per the charging docs, White claimed she “hadn’t used methamphetamine or fentanyl in a week,” but the deputy recorded her as being “shaky on her feet” while the two were talking. The deputy placed White into custody for suspected driving under the influence, and when she refused to provide a blood sample, he put her in the back of his car to transfer her to Lake County Jail. Several times, she “nodded off and fell in and out of sleep” while in the back of the deputy’s car, furthering his suspicion about opiate usage. Then, the blood sample White was later required to give via warrant did test positive for methamphetamine and fentanyl, per the Missoulian.

After receiving their warrant for her blood and a car search, deputies also entered the Escalade. There, per People, they found a small makeup tube with methamphetamine inside, multiple syringes, and two unused packs of Narcan.

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Per the Missoulian, it’s unclear why the charges finally came now, seven months after the tragic incident occurred. But regardless, police evidently felt they had enough to detain and book White. In addition to the vehicular homicide charge, she was also booked on four others: two counts of criminal child endangerment, one count of accidents involving another person or deceased person, and one criminal possession of dangerous drugs. That outlet reports White bonded out of Lake County Jail on Monday.

Westwolf’s family had previously started the Mika Matters movement after her death, intending to raise awareness for the cause of Missing and Murdered Indigenous People (MMIP). They released a statement over the weekend to KRTV in Montana, which revealed in part:

“As we mark seven months since Mika’s tragic passing, it is essential to acknowledge that this arrest is just the beginning of the journey towards justice. The fight to seek accountability, raise awareness, and protect the lives of Indigenous people and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives remains an ongoing battle. Our hearts go out to the families who are still searching for their loved ones, and we remain deeply saddened by the fact that Native Americans continue to go missing at an alarming rate. The urgency to address this issue has never been greater.”

You can see more regarding this ongoing investigation (below):

Sending our condolences to Westwolf’s family, friends, and loved ones.


[Image via Lake County Sheriff’s Office/Missoulian Video/YouTube]

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