Model Maleesa Mooney Was Found ‘Wedged’ In Refrigerator?? Disturbing New Details!

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

More shocking details have emerged regarding Maleesa Mooney’s death.

Last month, the model was tragically found dead in her LA apartment. At the time, not too many details were available beyond the fact that the investigation was being handled as a homicide. Then, earlier this month, the LA County Department of Medical Examiner determined she died of “homicidal violence” — and her sister Jourdin Pauline told KTLA that she was two months pregnant at the time of her death.

So, so tragic. But now, we’re getting more specific details of that “homicidal violence.”

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On Friday, KTLA obtained Maleesa’s official autopsy report, which revealed some gruesome details about the condition she was discovered in. Apparently, the late 31-year-old was found “wedged inside [her] refrigerator with blood pooled beneath it.”


The autopsy added that her wrists and ankles “were bound together” behind her back with “miscellaneous electronic cords and clothing items.” She also apparently had a gag in her mouth, which was “fashioned out of an article of clothing.”

How completely awful.

As for the violence inflicted upon her, she was found with “blunt force injuries of the face/head, back, and upper left arm.” The medical examiner said in the report:

“The blunt force traumatic injuries observed at autopsy are generally not considered life-threatening on their own. However, based on the circumstances of how Ms. Mooney was found, these injuries suggest she was likely involved in [a] violent physical altercation prior to her death.”

That poor woman…

A toxicology report also found traces of cocaine and alcohol in her system, but the medical examiner is “uncertain” if they played a role in her death:

“Based on the history, circumstances, and autopsy findings, as currently known, Ms. Mooney’s death was likely the result of, or at least related to, the action of another individual(s). Without findings to elucidate a clear mechanism of death, or knowledge of the sequence of events leading up to Ms. Mooney’s death, the cause of death is deemed homicidal violence. The manner of death is homicide.”

What a tragic and utterly horrible end… Our hearts continue to be with her family. A GoFundMe with more details about her life is available HERE.

Maleesa was found dead just two days after fellow LA model Nichole Coats was also found dead in her own apartment, but investigators say the circumstances are not related. It’s no wonder they were able to make that determination so quickly, considering the marked difference in the scenes.

Coats’ death was tragic, of course. But this is… we don’t know how to describe this.

[Image via Jourdin Pauline/Instagram]

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