Meadow Walker Opens Up About Her Abortion Experience In The Wake Of Roe v. Wade Decision

Meadow Walker is weighing in on the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade with her own personal story.

In an Instagram post shared on Friday, the daughter of the late Paul Walker revealed that right as the coronavirus pandemic began to rage across the world two years ago, she made the decision to get an abortion. She recalled:

“Today marks a huge setback in history- a profound injustice to women across the United States. There are countless women who have struggled with making the decision to have an abortion. I too have battled with the choice but in 2020, when the world was collapsing during the pandemic, I sought an abortion.”

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Meadow added that the decision should be a “very private and personal experience,” before praising her doctor who stuck by her side through the procedure:

“I was lucky enough to have a great doctor who supported me through the debilitating process- with their help, I am able to be the happy and healthy person I am today.”

The 23-year-old model concluded:

“Now, knowing even more women won’t have the opportunity to seek safe termination and choose their bodies first is absolutely heartbreaking. In a world that constantly marginalizes females, this feels like the biggest assault of them all. Banning abortion doesn’t prevent abortions, it prevents safe abortions.”

Say it louder for everyone to hear! We seriously cannot stress this enough that this will not get rid of abortions, it will only make it more dangerous for women — especially for those in poor and marginalized communities. You can take a look at Meadow’s candid post (below):

[Image via Meadow Walker/Instagram]

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