Matthew Perry’s Friend Insists His Batman Posts Were NOT A Cry For Help — Death Was A ‘Freak Accident’!

Matthew Perry’s close friend (and one of the last people to ever see him alive), Athenna Crosby, is shutting down conspiracy theories about his death!

In a candid new interview with TMZ, Athenna – who shared a meal with the Friends alum the day before his shocking passing — told the outlet the actor’s many Batman-inspired posts were NOT a cry for help. If you didn’t know, many fans have taken a look back at the Fools Rush In star’s social media page to discover many of his last posts included references to the superhero, who was famous for responding to a “bat signal” for help. Take a look:

Many started to speculate that maybe Matthew was subtly asking for help — and that the warning signs had gone ignored until he was found dead in his hot tub on Saturday. Oof. Such a sad theory… but is it based in any truth?!

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According to Athenna, absolutely not! In the new interview out on Thursday, the 25-year-old insisted:

“Matthew was very sweet and a little bit nerdy. He loved Batman. He called his car the Batmobile because it was all tinted black and had matte paint on it, just like the Batmobile.”

She continued:

“He had been calling himself Mattman lately which was a nickname he dubbed for himself and he was really goofy and playful. I think people assuming that his posts about the Bat signal or the fact he was calling himself Batman were some sort of subliminal messages to ask for help or a cry for help. That’s just completely false. He was just a sweet nerd that liked Batman. He talks about his love of Batman in the book. Anybody who is speculating that it had anything to do with it is getting carried away.”

She also saw no cause for concern ahead of the comedian’s death, either, noting:

“He was in an extremely good mood, he was excited about the future and he was taking care of his health. The fact that he died was a freak accident. There’s nothing fishy about it.”

Phew. So good to hear.

While an investigation is ongoing to determine the 54-year-old’s cause of death, preliminary tests have confirmed Perry didn’t have fentanyl or methamphetamine in his system, per TMZ. It’ll take months, however, for a more in-depth toxicology report to come back with more answers about what happened. In the meantime, we’re happy to know he was in a positive place in his life. Still, it’s such a tragedy he was taken so soon! Hear more from Matthew’s friend (below):

So there you have it, we suppose. Thoughts?

[Image via The View/DC/Warner Bros. Pictures/YouTube]

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