Man Suspected Of Dismembering Woman ON THE RUN — After Googling ‘How To Be A Serial Killer’

The case of a missing Texas woman has taken the darkest turn possible…

If you aren’t familiar with this case, Felicia Johnson has been missing since April 15. Originally from San Diego, the 24-year-old was last seen at the Cover Girls Night Club in Houston, where she had applied for a job that night. It was reported that a customer at the club offered to give her a ride since hers was running late. Unfortunately, this is the last time anyone would see Felicia.

The last person known to have seen her was a local community activist named Quanell X, who said in an interview after her disappearance:

“No cell phone activity, no credit card activity, no social media activity, she has absolutely just vanished off the face of the earth.”

Such a scary situation for everyone involved to lose touch with her so quickly and completely, especially for that of Johnson’s family. After not hearing from their daughter, her parents contacted police and hired a private investigator. What the P.I. found was gut-wrenching.

After a scan of the local area, Felicia’s cell phone and purse were finally recovered at Bear Creek Park, about 15 minutes away from where she was last seen… and they were both covered in blood…

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Texas EquuSearch and the Houston Police Department spent the next few days searching the area, but sadly came up with nothing. The missing woman’s family flew out from California on April 21 to continue the search, but a body has not been recovered.

Just awful… but the police did find a lead elsewhere. And a suspect.

According to new charging documents obtained by local outlet Fox26 Houston, Johnson had been talking with a 28-year-old man by the name of Chukwuebuka Nwobodo. They began communicating through Snapchat where the man agreed to pay her $500 for an in-person meeting after she posted an ad on an escort site. According to the docs, Felicia was picked up in the early hours of April 16 by an Uber driver and brought to a home Nwobodo recently moved out of. From there, he is alleged to have taken her to his current home which was about 5 minutes away. Houston law officers believe this is where Felicia was murdered.

When searching the suspect’s car after a traffic stop on May 13, the police found latex gloves, a kitchen knife, and a shovel — along with the missing woman’s blood. He was subsequently arrested for the connection to her disappearance.

The police broadened their search to Chukwuebuka’s internet and purchase records, finding even more disturbing evidence…

The search revealed he had recently purchased a saw, trash bags, towels, and a flashlight, all in the hours following Felicia’s vanishing. His internet history also showed that he had searched “how to be a serial killer”, “most forested part of Houston”, and “can bleach destroy DNA?” Wow. Not only that, days later he was still looking for “Houston escorts.”

Only days after Felicia’s disappearance, when he was reportedly the last one to have contact with her, he searched this?! Not only were his Google records damning, investigators found photos of a dismembered woman’s body on his phone, along with THREE other dead bodies!

Shockingly, even with all of the evidence against him, Nwobodo was RELEASED the same day he was arrested! WTF?! Why?? The man had photos of dead bodies on his cell phone, and they let him go?? Terrifyingly, he’s still on the run… out there somewhere…

The Houston Police Department is still searching for Chukwuebuka Nwobodo. They urge anyone with information regarding his whereabouts to contact the HPD Homicide Division immediately at  713-308-3600.

Felicia’s father made a public plea in regards to his daughter’s disappearance, saying:

“Just come forward, you don’t want to get caught up in the net when the authorities do catch these people.”

Our hearts go out to Felicia’s family and loved ones. We hope justice comes soon.


[Image via YouTube/KHOU 11/Houston Police Department]

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