Little Lady GaGa Stan Staten Harry Renounces ‘Demonic’ Fandom And Devotes His Social Media To Christianity Now

A viral Lady GaGa super fan has renounced the “demonic” fandom and turned his main focus to Christianity instead.

As you may recall, in 2018 an 11-year-old by the name of Staten Harry went viral on Twitter with a lip-syncing video for the musician’s hit song Telephone. The self-proclaimed “Little Monster” could be seen in the video dancing to the music and flashing peace signs with a giant grin on his face. At the end of the video, he said:

“Put those paws up high. Love beats hate and be kind to one another and be kind to yourself!”

The now-deleted tweet, which was captioned with a plethora of heart emojis and exclamation points, garnered mass attention on the social media platform. It became a viral meme with thousands of reposts and comments. The adorable video even caught the attention of GaGa herself, who replied:

“Paws up Harry!!! You’re so cute!! I you!

Staten referred to his idol’s response as “a total dream true come true”. In a 2018 interview with MTV’s TRL, he explained how much of an “inspiration” the Hold My Hand singer was to him:

“She inspires me to always be myself, be kind to myself and others, and to always stay positive, and always love no matter who or what you love that love is truly love.”

He had captured everyone’s hearts! But only 4 years later it would seem that he’s changed his tone about his love for the popstar. According to a PopCrave tweet posted over the weekend, Harry has “rebranded” his content to promote Christianity.

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Yep! The biggest Little Monster has abandoned Mother Monster to embrace religion and not “worship her and exalt her”. The post read:

“SIDE NOTE March 28th used to be a VERY demonic day for me because it’s Lady Gaga’s birthday… a day I used to worship her and exalt her on so crazy much (well every day really so especially this day)”

He continued to give a “testimony” and thanked the “LORD” for “saving” him:

“So anyways just a little testimony of HOW GOOD GOD is and how now on March 28th I’m glorifying HIM not a mere celebrity. I legit had thousands of pictures of her on my phone. Pictures Even on my wall. My clothes. My phone’s wallpaper. My entire social media accounts were even based upon worshiping her. Wow… Thank you LORD for saving me. AMEN.”

Ch-ch-check out the full post (below):

Twitter users were concerned with this sudden behavior change, and voiced their opinions on the platform:

“What did they do to him?”

“i could just imagine the amount of brainwashing this kid has been through. it’s kinda sad to read this tbh.”

“he just changed his obsession and that’s not healthy. the walls of his bedroom that used to be covered with gaga posters are now full of bible verses. he should do some therapy and these mean comments on his videos aren’t helping, as is this exposure”

Sadly, fans were quick to find even more strange information from Staten’s new YouTube channel. One comment said that he had allegedly abandoned the Chromatica singer for “more normal” artists “like Taylor Swift” when asked if he still listens to pop music:

“I listen to more normal [artists] like Taylor Swift. Yeah, maybe I can claim myself as a swiftie haha!”

In a heartbreaking discovery by another social media user, however, a now-deleted comment on his YouTube channel alleges that he replied to a video talking about someone who “turned” from the “LGBT lifestyle”, claiming that he himself “used to completely be a part of that community and supported it 100%” but no longer does:

“Coming from someone WHO USED TO BE completely part of that community and supported it 100% This is amazing GOD IS soo good.”

See the full post (below):

After his new religion-related social media accounts were discovered, he promptly deleted them and has yet to speak out. It seems as if he has completely ghosted social media all together. Screenshots of comments and a playlist of videos on his YouTube page made fans and followers alike worry about his safety, though. Some even speculated the serious accusation of conversion therapy being the cause of such a drastic change, and although sad to think about, there is no proof of these claims.

One former fan of the viral sensation tweeted:

“In all seriousness I hope he’s ok…”

Same. Such a bizarre situation…we truly hope he’s alright, too…

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